Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Testing, one, two, three" as they say.......

I am in the process of trying to import my old blog from AOL to this one.

So far, it doesn't seem to be going too well.

The old posts are gone, I can't seem to upload pictures and one attempt to post a new entry also failed.

So, not to waste to much creative energy or time writing some profound thought that disappears into cyberspace, I am simply going to try to publish the inane and see if it shows up!

Here we go.......



Karen said...

I have not previously commented, but am a regular reader and find you to be an inspirational and compassionate person. I'm so glad you decided to continue with your blog and I hope it will inspire more people to wake up and do the right thing where their animals are concerned.
Thank you!!

jmuhj said...

Hi, Patty -- reading you loud and clear! It may take awhile but my other AOL blogger buddy is up and running with his journals, photos, webcam, and all! Good luck, and THANK YOU for migrating. We do need to hear your voice out here in Cyberspace. The animals need you.

PCA said...

Thanks, Karen and Jmuh for migrating here, while I clumsily navigate my way around and try to figure out how to post pictures here. It's a little like bringing home a new cat or dog:

Those first few days are never easy!!