Thursday, March 12, 2009

"If Only!".... (Reply)

(Picture Left: "Blackie" -- Lucky dog who defied the typically long odds for a Chow.)

KD in Texas writes: What a gorgeous puppy... I marvel at the cruelty, selfishness, or just plain stupidity of people who would leave this or any creature tied up and abandoned at any time of year, let alone at a time with such extreme temperatures. No creature deserves to be treated that way.I often read your posts and wish I could offer my home as a space for some of the animals you've rescued, both dogs and cats. But I know it has not been your policy to ship animals cross-country because it's both impractical and stressful for the animals. Still, with each animal I read about, I send a little hope your way that he or she will find a forever home soon!

Reply: Thank you for your kind and supportive comment.

What I write about is sadly not unique to New York City. Animal abandonment and abuse occurs everywhere.

If you are in any kind of position to foster a cat or dog, please contact your local animal control facility and volunteer or ask for rescue groups that need this help. For sure, there isn't a rescue anywhere in the country that isn't seeking volunteer and foster help!

Things are particularly bleak now due to the economy and many animals discarded due to people losing homes or jobs.

Last week we rescued a Chow from the shelter -- "Blackie" as he was called.

Blackie was tied up and abandoned in front of the shelter. Apparently, the former owners didn't want to pay an owner surrender fee or answer any questions. Or, perhaps they were just in some sort of hurry or panic.

I suspected by his dirty, unkept condition, but social and trusting disposition, Blacky was some type of "working" (garage, gas station or auto parts store) dog.

Perhaps the business was forced to close and the dog had nowhere to go.

Desperate people are doing very desperate things these days.

But, amazingly, we turned out to be very lucky with Blacky!

A man who had recently lost his 13-year-old Chow to liver cancer called interested in adopting Blacky.

"Michael" (unlike most of the callers we get) knew exactly what he was seeking and came into the city two days later to officially adopt Blacky.

It was so refreshing not to have to jump through hoops or provide a long list of "guarantees" to the perspective adopter: "The dog is great with kids, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, parrots and goldfish!"

The man had loved his former (rescued) Chow and simply sought another as a companion.

Ah! If only rescue and adoptions were always that easy!

We would be able to rescue and place hundreds of animals every year! --PCA


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