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The Sanitization of Michael Vick (Reply)

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Recently, someone posted on the list that Michael Vick was sorry for what he had done.I have never heard him apologize for what he did to those poor dogs.I have read statements where he apologized for letting people down.He said what he did was "immature".Does anyone know of any statements he made expressing remorse for the sadistic way he treated the animals?

Reply: I have read and seen the same things you have. And yes, you are correct to observe that no where in his communications does Vick even mention dogs, let alone the egregious crimes he and his cohorts committed against these gentle and human-loving animals.

What seems to be happening is what some might call, "The Sanitization of Michael Vick."

Totally orchestrated by lawyers, handlers and perhaps one or two people from HSUS, Vick's words are carefully measured and calculated to present a man "sorry" for unknown and unmentioned "mistakes" and one who can make the housewives of Marin County and elsewhere "feel good."

That some in this movement and even on this list *buy* this slick public relations ploy (admittedly at its very best) is disturbing.

Referring to Michael Vick's crimes as "mistakes" is like referring to the acts of rapists and pedophiles as "mistakes."

Recruiting Michael Vick to be any kind of "spokesperson" against the abuse of pitbulls is like recruiting OJ Simpson to be a spokesperson against spousal abuse.

Vick has had more than two years to reflect upon and speak (or write) about his crimes.

But, so far all we see is a sanitized and PR created version of his former self.

The blood of uncounted animals has been carefully and meticulously washed off of Vick's hands. The mention of forcing dogs to fight or the beating to death or hanging of dogs has been stricken from all communications.

But, make no mistake.

Just as there are chemicals that detect blood even when carefully washed off of walls following murder scenes, the blood is still on Vick's hands as the stain of non-remorse seems still to be in his heart.

Show me the book Vick has written decrying his former acts of violence and the viciousness of dog fighting or show me the videos of Vick talking to young people in the ghettos about his crimes and perhaps I will change my tune.

But, for now we need to see through all the PR slop and attempts to sanitize Michael Vick for the sake of self-aggrandizement and money-making and do whatever we can to see to it that this "fallen from grace sports hero" remains in the dirt and muck where he put himself and where he still belongs despite the polished suits and "cleaned up" hands. --PCA


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Laurie said...

>Referring to Michael Vick's >crimes as "mistakes" is like >referring to the acts of rapists >and pedophiles as "mistakes."

This is such a wonderful point, not made often enough. The words chosen by countless bloggers and editors are shameful attempts to manipulate the debate, and this technique would never be tolerated unless the victims themselves were seen as inconsequential.