Sunday, September 20, 2009

Unconfident Pomeranian (New York City)

(Picture Left: Chuchi -- seeking reassurance while on a walk yesterday.)

Yesterday, I went to walk Chuchi, our latest rescue who is currently languishing in a boarding facility.

Seemingly lost and confused, Chuchi, initially backed off from me when I first approached her. But, after a few seconds and a few soft words, I was able to slip the leash over Chuchi and take her for a walk in the park.

Although walking with the same confident "strut" of Pomeranians, Chuchi is anything but confident.

On the contrary, Chuchi is unsure of herself and a bit flinchy in her new and strange surroundings.

Her lack of confidence is most apparent when meeting other dogs. Though not aggressive, Chuchi just stands, tail between legs as if expecting to be attacked or banished.

She is a rather sad and lost little dog.

And I guess that is to be expected, considering the circumstances of her seemingly ruthless abandonment to the pound:

The older, long-time pet pushed out for the newcomer.

Perhaps Chuchi is not too unlike the long-time, devoted wife pushed to the side for something younger and more exciting. -- Although in Chuchi's case, her former owners also wanted her dead.

I sat, for a while, on a park bench with Chuchi yesterday just to give her a chance to relax. I talked to her, petted her and gently massaged around the sides and undersides of her neck. She seemed to enjoy that and for the moment, gently relaxed.

When noting a smile finally come to her face, I took pictures of Chuchi.

There is little doubt that Chuchi is a good, loving and devoted dog.

But, for the moment, she is simply a lost and confused little canine. -- Too timid and unsure of herself to even take a tinkel on a walk.

An "unconfident" Pomeranian. -- Something I would normally think, impossible to exist.

People should only know the transforming affects of their cruelty and abandonment of pets.

Right down to the total negation of those traits normally associated with a particular breed.

Who, after all has ever heard of an "Unconfident Pomeranian?" -- PCA


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