Monday, October 12, 2009


As our society forever seems to seek new ways to "be connected" 24/7 whether via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Cell phones, Blackberries and text messages, I, by contrast, have been gravitating towards seemingly new needs for detachment and freedom.

The very last thing I would want in my life is a cell phone. Were someone to give me a cell phone for Christmas, I would probably hit them with it.

I am amazed sometimes when walking my dogs in the wee hours, the number of people "texting" or talking to someone on a cell phone at 2 in the morning.

"Who the hell are they talking to at 2 AM?" I wonder. Or, are they texting or twittering to someone, "I just got off the subway...heading for late night pizza."

Why is this stuff important to anyone?

I suppose its a good thing that New York City no longer seems to be the cesspool for muggings and robberies as it was in the pre-Giuliani era. A person walking around nearly deserted streets with face and concentration buried in small, electronic devices seems invitation for mayhem.

Then again, I guess the muggers are busy twittering and texting, too.

In the last couple of weeks I have been avoiding coming online at all.

There are a number of reasons for that, but the greatest is, I think, a desire for simplicity and quiet.

When I say, "quiet" I don't mean deadly silence. I mean in the sense of being able to avoid for a short while, the daily email "noise" of constant alerts, pleas and daily animal kill lists, all of which, I am powerless to do much or anything about.

We have had to scale back on animal rescues over the past few weeks as it was important to try and "move" some of the dogs we already had. -- Especially those in boarding situations.

And yes, the past couple of weeks have been pretty good. Three of our dogs have been adopted. Three others went out to foster homes. On the other hand, two dogs were returned from foster homes and have since had to go to boarding.

And of course, we cannot "assume" that new adoptions have necessarily worked out until the animal has been in the new home a while and the feedback is positive.

One of our recent adoptions, Leon, (a Belgian Malinois/Leonberger mix) has presented with some adjustment challenges in the new home and I have had to spend several hours on the phone with his adopters. The home is a good one, but I am not sure if the adopters have the necessary patience, knowledge and understanding to see the adjustment phase through.

Keeping fingers crossed on this one and staying reasonably close to the home phone, just in case......

But, no, I don't take a cell phone with me when going out.

My "out" time is my own. Any questions, emergencies or sudden animal "returns" can wait until I get back home and immediately check phone messages.

I don't like feeling "attached" to anything when I am out, other than music.

Its important to me to be able to live in the moment -- whatever that moment is.

As Joplin sang:

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."

Perhaps someone else could sing:

"Connection's just another word for bondage, addiction and dependency." -- PCA


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