Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Arrivals

Pictures: 1-- New arrivals. Migratory geese joining already established families. But, all getting along. 2--Lillith, still swimming on the lake both day and night, calling out for presumably a lost mate. 3--A friendly chap checking me out. 4-- Just a pretty pair at the Meer. 5-- Joey. Happy at last. Hanging out with a family of accepting Canada geese.

I took the dogs on a little trip to Harlem Meer yesterday to visit our friends, the geese and take some photos. It was a bright, sunny day and yes, the geese were all out there. At least 8 to 10 families now. Seems some of the migratory birds are starting to arrive and to the casual observer, the numbers look big, though the geese are mostly concentrated in small areas around the lake.

The new geese are much more wary, nervous and jumpy than what I am used to seeing. Its almost as if they have gotten the message that they are not too welcomed any place these days. Its sad in a way, but also somewhat extraordinary, the acute perceptions and perhaps even intuition these birds truly seem to have.

So far, most people seem to be cool with the geese. But, of course one worries that if some start bitching, the park will soon send the Border Collies after the new arrivals to chase them away.

"Lillith" the lone goose who swims around the lake constantly (both day and night) calling out after a presumably lost mate was there yesterday and as usual s/he was on the lake honking. I was able to get a pretty decent picture of Lillith even though s/he was some distance away. S/he appears thin in the photo and I wonder if this goose is regularly eating? A friend says that with time, Lillith will find a new partner. I hope so, but don't know that as a fact. I worry about this one.....

Joey, the now lone white duck at Harlem Meer seems to have found new buddies with the geese. Instead of trying to tag along and force himself on the two alpha ducks at the lake, (Brad and Angelina), he has wisely chosen to instead hang out with the geese all the time.

That is good because the geese don't bother and harass Joey as the lead drake, Brad did.
It was quite nasty to watch Brad constantly chasing off and attacking Joey. I really hope the park lets the geese stay. -- As much for Joey's peace and security as anything else. Joey seems quite happy and embolden since the geese arrived -- even to the point, of sometimes chasing them!
There is also a new swan who arrived at the Meer more than a week ago. At first, I thought he might be the male mate of the female swan who died over the spring and who, a couple of weeks later, vanished after the loss of his partner. But, the new swan is definitely not that one. This one is HUGE almost to the point of being scary looking. No kidding, he stands at least 4 feet tall! But, he's actually a mellow fellow and minds his own business. Of course all the people seem thrilled to see a new swan back and he is the subject of hundreds of photos -- besides mine. ;)

Anyway, enough with my rambling. Included here some new pictures from yesterday that I hope bring a smile on this weekend otherwise of sadness and reflection over 9-11. -- PCA

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