Friday, October 21, 2011

Law Book Window Dressing - Returning Animal Cruelty Victims Back to Abuser?

Though not widely reported in most of the media, USA Today reports that the six surviving victims of Thursday's "exotic" animal massacre in Zanesville, Ohio, might be returned to the wife of Terry Thompson, 62,  who committed suicide after releasing 50 lions, tigers, cheetahs, wolves, bears and monkeys into the community:
One has to seriously question the purpose of any animal cruelty laws in law books.
Apparently, they are mere window dressing designed to pacify the public into falsely believing that animal abuse is taken seriously in our country and occasionally prosecuted.
Its obviously not.
Certainly, there can be no more egregious case of animal cruelty than what this couple perpetrated on an unknown number of animals over the years.
Reuters reported yesterday that horses were allowed to starve to death on the Thompson property and were then fed to lions and tigers.  CBS news reports tonight that the couple apparently starved cattle in the past. Doug Warmolts of the Columbus Zoo (where the surviving animals were temporarily taken) reports that the leopards and grizzly bear are "thin." 
Additionally, it was earlier reported that the couple owes more than $60,000 to the IRS.
And yet despite all the reports of prosecutorial animal cruelty (not to mention releasing 50 wild animals to certain death yesterday) authorities are still considering sending the surviving victims back to one of their tormenters!
How is that even possible, one might ask?
Well, it seems there is quite a bit of bleeding heart sympathy -- not for the animals -- but for the wife of the deceased.
According to Matt Lutz, sheriff of the county, "These animals were like kids to her." (Marion Thompson.)  Animal expert, Jack Hanna adds, "She was confused and sad."
"Confused and sad?"   "The animals were like kids to her?"
Were kids allowed to starve to death or sent into a war zone for certain death, would we send surviving siblings back to the abusive home?
Marion Thompson was every bit as guilty of animal hoarding and neglect as her husband.
It is absolutely mind numbing that instead of arresting Marion Thompson for past animal abuse and neglect, she instead arouses sympathy from those who either engaged in or supported the shootings of 48 lions, tigers, wolves and bears yesterday claiming, "There was no other choice."
One is forced to question that claim
Especially when knowing how government agencies like the USDA and BLM are able to routinely round up wild animals for transport to slaughterhouses or gas chambers.
Bengal Tigers are on the verge of extinction in the wild.  There are an estimated 1,400 of then in the world.
And yet, 18 of the endangered tigers were shot to death yesterday with the claim, "There was no other choice."
Why wasn't the USDA or BLM called?
Maybe because they are busy rounding up geese or wild horses somewhere for slaughter?
There is absolutely no justice for animals anywhere and the animal cruelty laws on the books are an obvious joke.
Should these surviving leopards, monkey and bear be sent back to their "home" of horrors, it would be the biggest slap in the face to the so-called, "Animal Protection" organizations and a total travesty of justice and law.  -- PCA

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