Monday, March 5, 2012


(Photo:  Chrissy sharing treat last night with Loner.)
"She took my baggage!  How could she do that?"
The profound thought came to me one night a few months ago while stumbling across a ditzy TV program called, "Baggage."
In a Jerry Springer version of "" contestants vie for the affections of another, but first they have to "reveal their baggage."
The baggage of one young woman was, "I write a blog that nobody reads."
I thought I was the only one who had that claim to infamy!  How could this woman steal my baggage? 
Today, I see the page views on this blog have surpassed the 20,000 mark.
But, that is after a few years and I am quite convinced that Buster and his gaggle, as well as some other geese have web access and periodically check to see what I am writing about them.
So far, the geese (and ducks) have not commented to complain so I presume they are basically OK with what's been said.
But, I didn't think any humans were actually reading this thing!
But, now seeing the count over 20,000, I have to wonder.  Is there actually a readership for this and if so, who are they?
Perhaps the site is being monitored in case I should go off the deep end about the geese.  In these days of terrorists threats, school shootings and other deadly, bizarre happenings, one can never be too sure what others are putting out there on the web.
Still, I wasn't planning (and don't now) to organize a "Goose Spring.".  I just happen to like them and feel geesies should be protected and respected.
So, how else did the page views on this blog get up to 20,000?
Ah, there really must be little green men from outer space or perhaps ghosts.  They and the geesies and duckies have taken away my claim to infamy and "baggage."  I will obviously have to come up with some different baggage if striving to get on the show. 
Perhaps this will do?   "I run out at midnight to feed ducks and geese."
It was in fact, nearly midnight last night, when scooting up to Harlem Meer with my dogs to check on my duck and geese friends. A get-together with a human friend had run a little long.
Things were very quiet at the Meer at the late hour.
Initially, I only saw one duck pair on the lake and figured most of the waterfowl to be asleep for the night.
"Well, toss out a few seeds to these two and quickly be on your way," I thought.
But, then from the east side of the lake, came loud honks and suddenly one goose came flying across the water and trotted cheerfully on to the embankment.
"Honk, honk" greeted Loner in a low honk.     ("Loner" is the goose who typically hangs nears Buster and his gaggle, but doesn't seem to actually be a family member.)
Apparently, Loner's loud honks woke up the rest of the crowd.
Within minutes, the Bradley Brigade came running for a midnight snack as did Buster and his family.  Chrissy showed up too, but was unceremoniously shoved back into the water after a couple of minutes by a cantankerous drake.
But, not to be denied, Chrissy stayed at the water's edge, initiated eye contact with me and like a baby bird waiting for Mama to feed her, lifted her head and opened her mouth wide!
Anyone claiming birds are "dumb" hasn't met Chrissy.
Not only does this disabled mallard use her wits and will to survive, but Chrissy is a master at using charm and vulnerability to play on the sympathies of "bleeding heart" (or crazy) humans.
As much as I care about the other ducks and geese, I always try to get the bulk of treats to Chrissy, though that isn't always easy considering the bullying tactics of other ducks.
Finally walking home through empty streets last night, I could not help but think how "crazy" it was to head out near midnight just to be sure Chrissy and company didn't go wanting.
Surely, if that ain't "baggage," I don't know what is. 
Certainly enough to send any one packing. -- PCA

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Anonymous said...

Real person here Patty!

p.s. we are adopting baxter! He loves his situation here and we love him back - see what one glass of apricot brandy will do? haha, Michael

p.p.s. your love for animals isn't baggage, its your Pièce de résistance!!

p.p.p.s my wife is so busy i hardly see her anymore - she is sorry that her personal life has temporarily disintegrated. promises to call when the dust settles.