Sunday, July 29, 2012

They Answer Only to Their Own Calls -- The Ever Mysterious and Independent Canada Geese

It appears I will need to go on a little venture later to find where Buster, Bonnie and their "kids" currently are.

It seems they might have already left the Boat Lake.

I have not seen Buster's crew in almost a week and Liana hasn't seen them for several days.  Despite all the complaints about the "bad family" we find ourselves actually missing them.

While I did expect Buster and clan to start flying soon, neither I nor Lianna (the other goose lover) had seen actual evidence of flying yet.

On the other hand, in looking over blog archives from 2010, it seems I was taken by surprise when Papa and Mama suddenly left Turtle Pond in early August of 2010 with their then flying five goslings.

I had not known then any of them were flying.

If true that Buster and family have officially left the Boat Lake, then this provides additional evidence that geese do not stay in a particular location because "people feed them."   (Just one of the many myths, lies and misinformation about Canada geese.)

Certainly no geese were more fed by humans than Papa's family at Turtle Pond in 2010 and Buster's gaggle this year at the Boat Lake.

I have always believed and maintain that geese do not in any way, depend upon humans for food (much as they enjoy the human interactions).  When the time comes for geese to pack up and leave, they go.

That is true of both, migratory and resident geese.

I am of course curious as to where Buster and crew actually went, presuming they indeed left the Boat Lake?

They are not at Harlem Meer or Turtle Pond because I went to those locations last night.

There are 8 geese at the Reservoir, but I am presuming them to still be part of the 15 geese (two gaggles)  who molted there over the past six weeks.   However, since the 8 geese were in the middle of the water last night, it was hard to tell exactly who they were.

It is of course possible too, that Buster and the family simply moved further south on the Boat Lake, since Papa and his clan have become more assertive in recent weeks in staking out their northern territory and somewhat delivering the message that it was time for Buster, Bonnie and the kids to move on.

It is also possible that Buster's family is simply spreading wings now and venturing off on little jaunts.  They may come and go over the next few weeks.

The only thing that is known for sure now is that (as noted) geese are beginning to move.

The two geese at Harlem Meer two nights ago, were not there last night.

At least one gaggle of geese has left the Reservoir in recent days.

And of course, a new goose recently joined up with Papa's gaggle.

The only thing I am reasonably sure of is that two geese will definitely remain at the Boat Lake. -- Mama and Papa. That is mostly due to Mama's age and physical condition.

But, aside from that, all else is up for speculation.

One of the many fascinating things about geese is just when you think you know their every move, they turn around and surprise you (or in many cases, just up and leave one day).

Above and beyond everything else, geese are most of all, mysterious and independent.

Never believe that you can predict exactly what geese will do and when.

Canada geese will never be "owned" or controlled by humans. 

They answer only to their own calls.  -- PCA

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