Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SOS for Scarsdale Canada Geese Targeted for Ruthless Slaughter

Dark days ahead for Canada geese, unless....
As reported in this journal, the town of Scarsdale, New York has contracted with USDA Wildlife Services for extermination of their small goose population at the Library Pond starting this summer.

This story has been widely reported by the media, including NBC and CBS news. To see some of the coverage, please go to  (25) Call of the Canada Geese

There is truly no excuse for such barbarity and ruthlessness. 

In Defense of Animals has prepared a well written letter of protest to easily send to the public officials of Scarsdale with the just the click of the mouse and a signature:

Please take a few minutes of your time to fill out and widely share and post this link.  You can either send the already written formatted letter or erase and write your own.

I personally chose to write my own:

"Kill first and ask questions later."  Is that the cave man policy operating in Scarsdale?

Scarsdale's announed plan to have Wildlife Services come in and round up the few hapless geese at the Library pond for slaughter is ill advised, ineffective, malicious and barbaric.

I live close to Central Park in NYC which, for years, has successfully managed its goose population through effective means such as habitat modification, Border Collie hazing and egg addling.

Central Pak is one of the few parks in NYC that did not sign on to a USDA "cull" because there were not enough geese to round up and kill.

Scarsdale's contention that it used non-lethal means to control geese, but they failed does not hold water with regard to successes in other areas like Central Park.

Either Scarsdale did not use the methods consistently and properly.  Or, officials are lying.  Which is it?

Though Central Park serves as the model for humane goose management, Prospect Park in Brooklyn serves as the model for what should NOT be done.

Prospect Park will forever be associated with a barbaric USDA goose massacre that occurred in 2010 and wound up as a national news story, including numerous NY Times articles.  The incident spawned community outrage, protests and sparked the organization of Goosewatch, NYC.  (27) GooseWatch NYC

Is that what Scarsdale wants?  To be forever associated with wildlife massacres and intolerance of nature?

You are well on the way to already garnering that reputation, but there is still time to change and stop the irrational slaughter.

Please wake up and do the right thing before it is too late.

Patty Adjamine

Unless the public stands up to protest vicious and senseless carnage like this then more will only occur elsewhere, like falling dominos.

The relentless persecution and slaughter of Canada geese is like a fast spreading cancer upon our nation's parks, lakes, golf courses and ponds.

Although Canada geese have proven themselves to be a very resilient, intelligent and courageous bird who seemingly "compensate" for predation, one wonders how long they can continue to successfully adapt to widespread hunting, roundups, slaughter, egg destruction and endless harassment?

We have witnessed USDA culls occurring against as few as 7 geese in some areas. 

It seems no number is too low for a plan of extermination.

Perhaps this is how the Passenger Pigeon -- a bird that once existed in the hundreds of millions was killed to extinction in the last century.

By the time we realize a species is tottering on the brink, it is often too late to save them.  

But, it is not too late to save the few goose families in Scarsdale.

If enough people are willing to take a few minutes out of their day to sign and share the posted link above, we can hopefully excise this cancer of wanton killing before it spreads even further.

I hope and trust everyone reading this blog and caring about protection of wildlife will do that. 

We cannot afford not to.  -- PCA


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