Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Something to Shoot - Boston Town Rationalizes Golf Course Goose Shoot in Middle of Winter

Migratory geese currently at Central Park Reservoir. These geese will leave to return home later this month.
Among the many disturbing, poorly researched and misleading articles about Canada geese is this one published a few days ago from Boston:

I sent an email to the author and asked who was playing golf in the middle of winter that the geese would pose such a problem?

He responded that it had not occurred to him to ask that question.

Nor did it apparently occur to the journalist to inquire what differentiates a "resident" goose from a "migratory" goose and when migratory geese actually migrate?

Many, if not in fact, most Canada geese currently present in the North East can be presumed to be migratory geese who would leave the location with the first signs of spring.

But, those defending the slaughter of migratory geese on a golf course in the beginning of February contend they are all "resident" geese and no one, including so-called reporters questions that.

The article is in fact, filled with misleading propaganda and simply appears as a mouthpiece for killing.

One guesses that if trigger-happy shooters weren't given geese to blow away, they would be holding squirrel or pigeon shoots in this town. 

What would we be in America without something to shoot at? -- PCA


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Choo Choo Love said...

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