Saturday, April 20, 2013

Praise, Awe and Gratitude to the Heroes of Our World (For Humans and Animals)

Taking time to thank and appreciate our human heroes. 
Once again, our country has suffered the horrors of further terrorist attacks upon the innocent.

Last Monday, we watched in stunned disbelief on television, the images of exploding bombs at the Boston marathon and a seeming sea of crumbling bodies and spilled blood on the streets of a New England city.

Tragically, three young people, including an 8-year-old boy were killed in the carnage.

But, were it not for the literal heroics of courageous bystanders, first responders and medical personnel, the death count would have been so much higher.

As it is, hundreds have suffered serious physical injury, loss of limbs and trauma that will impact them for the rest of their lives -- all because of making a simple decision to enjoy a fun sporting event on a sunny April day.   

The attack on the marathon was not just assault on human life, but to the liberties and freedom we all cherish and hold dear in this country.

One cannot go anywhere these days without thinking, "what if......"

Still, we find solace and relief that the two perpetrators of this violent atrocity have been quickly caught by law enforcement and that justice will be served to the one survivor.

I am not normally a supporter of the death penalty, but believe it must be an option in cases of mass murder, terrorism and child killing.

Awe, gratitude, admiration and praises to all those who, in these hours of murder and mayhem responded so heroically to keep the human death count to a minimum, aid the suffering and who acted so expediently to get the killers off our streets.

While news of the horrifying attack in Boston understandably permeated airwaves and news headlines, there was also a brutal attack in Charlotte, North Carolina on both property and innocent life that garnered deserved attention.

In this case, five teenage boys vandalized a school bus, hurled rocks and beat nearly to death, a gaggle of nesting Canada geese (two of which have since died).

But, in this case too, heroes stepped up to the plate to both try to save the surviving geese and quickly catch and charge (to this point, two of) the perpetrators of such mindless cruelty and destruction.

Gratitude and praise once again to those in law enforcement and to the wonderful people at the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue who are working so tirelessly to save the remaining geese.

It is easy during times like this to find ourselves awash in despair, anxiety and to question what has gone wrong in our world that there are those who would seek to perpetrate such harm and destruction upon innocent life.

But, let us think about all the good people too -- the true heroes who so often dedicate their lives to the alleviation of suffering as well as removing from society, those who seek violence and destruction upon the living.

I realize I don't say it enough, but there are times I feel very grateful to be an American.

We can always find things of which to feel grave disappointment or to critique. We must always seek ways to improve and humanize our world and our country.

But, in our quests to bring about positive change and true evolvement, let us also take the time to appreciate and express gratitude for all the blessings and human heroes we truly have.

This is one of those special and unique times in America.   -- PCA


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