Monday, May 13, 2013

War on Water -- North Hemstead's Intended Goose Gassings

In North Hemstead, people buy homes next to ponds and lakes and then complain about the waterfowl on the water.  But, rather than curse God and Nature, call out the USDA with its mobile gas chambers. -- War on water.
 A new battlefront has emerged in New York's maniacle and never ending "war" on Canada geese.

North Hemstead, Long Island has apparently decided to employ USDA "Wildlife Services" this summer to round up and gas its geese:

If one looks at the above video footage provided by News 12, it is hard to see any alleged "overpopulation" of Canada geese. Rather, one sees a few families of geese peacefully swimming of what seems a very large lake.

And though the town claims it has "tried" non-lethal methods of goose control, including dogs and egg addling, the presence of young goslings appears to defy that.

Please take a moment to post comment directly to the above article, as well as sign the petition which has been created by (27) GooseWatch NYC to protest this intended massacre of innocent wildlife just trying to survive:

"The Season of the Witch" has yet to begin, though its dark, ominous war shadows already emerge and silently tip toe across the otherwise bright, sun specked water.  -- PCA



Anonymous said...

Hi Patty,
There's a goose at the Harlem meer, near the sandy area with a fishing hook and artificial fish wrapped around his beak. Have you seen it? If there's any way you can report it I would really appreciate it. I feel so terrible for it.


Anonymous said...

Correction I mean fishing line.

Anonymous said...

Image of the goose

PCA said...

I was at the Meer yesterday morning and saw only one goose, but he was fine.

I did however find a big wad of fishing line in the grass.

Your photo is very disturbing, but not surprising. I will go to the Meer later to check out and meanwhile, call the ranger and Central Park Conservancy to register another complaint. Please complain too to Dana Center and Conservancy. This is truly outrageous. Thanks for letting me know.

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