Friday, April 12, 2019

New Yorkers Say No to Criminalization of Bird and Squirrel Feeders --'Please Attend Rally!

This coming Tuesday (the 16th), a 1pm to 2 pm rally will take place at City Hall to protest New York City's and the Mayor's push to criminalize bird and squirrel feeders in city parks.

This is a battle for wildlife's right to exist in city parks as well as the right of people to enjoy a long treasured and peaceful past-time of "feeding ducks in the park."

In a city plagued by so many real problems from violent crimes, drugs, gangs, trash pick-up (especially in parks) and a multitude of others, that city leadership would focus on something like this is truly mind-boggling and irrational (unless goal is to empty parks of virtually all wildlife).

Primarily targeted are senior citizens or disabled people feeding birds in parks.
People who cannot run marathons, take nature hikes or do hard, physical labor.

A recent poll by New York 1 showed 81% of New Yorkers were opposed to the proposed rule. (Shame on the 19% who voted for it.). That is strong and clear majority.

Public comments on the NYC Parks website were overwhelmingly opposed (87%) to the draconian proposal, as were people who showed up to the public hearing to testify.

A couple of weeks ago, petition was delivered to city parks office with more than 4,OOO signatures in opposition to the ban.

Yet, even with all this, the Mayor went on television a few nights ago and arrogantly continued to imply that bird feeders were responsible for all the trash dumped in parks as well as rats.

From the beginning, this has been a campaign of despicable demonization and belittlement of some of NYC's most vulnerable and defenseless citizens: The elderly, the poor, the disabled and even children and families.

Not only does the Mayor scapegoat and blame them for trashing parks, but he also insults their intelligence when repeatedly saying they need to be "educated."

 The one who needs "educating" is the Mayor himself for disrespecting and ignoring the will of his constituents.

Constituents who also care about protecting and safeguarding the little of what remains of city park wildlife. Wildlife for whom most "natural food sources" have been deliberately and callously cut down and removed in what (in conjunction with feeding ban) assuredly amounts to a starvation campaign against innocent animals by the city of New York.

And though when asked, proponents of feeding ban claim displaced park wildlife will "travel to Long Island to find food resources," the reality is that squirrels, baby birds and any still existing raccoons can't walk over bridges.

Nor do most New Yorkers want all natural wildlife to "travel" and disappear from the parks of NYC.  Such is certain!y not what Olmsted and other park founders had in mind. Parks were designed to provide New Yorkers with peaceful respite and connection with nature and wildlife.

It is sad that with all the public opposition already expressed for this cruel, draconian and feckless rule that a demonstration still be necessary, but it is.

No matter how otherwise busy, please make time in your schedule  to attend this critical one-hour rally.

This is to stand up for and defend the rights of squirrels and birds to still exist in NYC parks, as well as the right of the people to care about and in some cases, nourish and sustain them -- especially through harsh winters.


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