Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Economic Ditches and the Social Parasites who Help to Create Them

Once in a while I like to take a break from animal matters to address current political or social happenings as ultimately, everything effects and impacts everything else.

In recent months all of us have become aware of the very serious economic challenges this country is now facing. Economic hardships and drains that affect all of us, no matter what line of work we are in or where we live.

Our nation is in a economic ditch.

We have heard about bad mortgages sold to people who could not afford to buy houses. We have heard about the credit crises and CEO's who make millions while their companies go belly up and beg Washington for "bailouts." We have heard about job losses and almost 7 % unemployment. We have heard about health care and Social Security systems on verges of collapse as hospitals and other institutions close.

We are indeed living in scary times.

But, what we rarely hear about are those people who have learned how to milk the various social systems for their own benefit and selfish or neurotic purposes.

One such person is Nadia Sulnees (not sure of last name spelling), the mother of the IVS octoplets born Jan.26th.

Here is a woman with no job, visible means of support or husband who has learned how to exploit all the various social systems from Social Security Disability Insurance to food stamps, to MedicAid to Welfare in order to indulge her personal obsessions and/or particular mental illness.

The result is 14 children, 3 of whom are already receiving SSI disability and all of whom will be a burden on the State of California and its taxpayers for many years to come.

The only reason why this story is "news" is due to the woman's birthing of 8 babies through in vitro fertilization a little less than a month ago. (The so-called "Father" is seemingly nothing more than a sperm donor.)

The Caesarian Section birthing process alone required 48 doctors and nurses in the Operating Room, as well as intensive care of the premature infants. One shudders to think of the medical and hospital bills for these extraordinary births, as well as the long term medical costs for preemies that are sure to suffer long term disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism, ADD, and other learning disiabilities.

The Mother, while deft enough to figure out how to exploit and milk social systems for all they are worth, seems to live in a world of total disillusion, fantasy and lack of any responsibility.

The so-called "doctor" who implanted 6 more embryos in a single woman who could not support the 6 kids she already had and was obviously suffering from some kind of serious mental impairment should be in jail.

At some point, the state of California and Child Protective Services are going to have to step in and do some kind of "intervention." The Mother is so clueless in terms of the actual physical and emotional NEEDS of children, she is not capable of raising these kids with any sense of responsibility, clarity or care.

Our social systems need to be overhauled in some way in order to identify and weed out all those who exploit and milk them for their own lazy, neurotic or mentally disturbed ends and who ultimately can be responsible for bringing the entire systems down.

In addition to supporting social parasites like Nadia, our social systems also carry the burdens of Polygamous Religious Sects whose exploited women bear multitudes of children at ultimate taxpayer expense.

Social programs like Disability, Social Security, Welfare, Child Protective Services and Medicaid were made law in order to help people who truly find themselves in desperate or urgent need through no faults or choices of their own.

They were never meant to take over for personal responsibility. -- PCA


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