Thursday, February 5, 2009

That Little Hint of Sun.......

(Picture Left: Amanda -- in a gloomy shelter full of anxious and needy faces, she was the one to make it to the sun yesterday.)

We rescued a new dog yesterday.

"Amanda" is a smallish and very pretty, extremely sweet and young, Labrador mix who arrived some days ago at the city shelter as a "stray."

I called David about Amanda. David is the fellow who fostered "Rudy," the Pekingese for us before the little dog was adopted.

At the time David told me he was willing to foster, but ultimately would seek a Labrador Retriever for adoption.

Amanda is not a purebred Lab though she obviously has some Lab in her. I suspect she is mixed with Pitbull (as so many of the shelter dogs these days are). Somehow though, if we are able to emphasize the alternate breeds the Pittie mixes are combined with, it helps us to place the dogs.

I don't know and make no presumptions that David will "fall in love" with Amanda and eventually adopt her.

But, one can always hope.

In the meantime, Amanda is out of the pound and did not have to go to a boarding kennel.

Yesterday was a good day!

And right now that is all we can truly hope for in these otherwise, dismal, troubled times.

One day at a time and try to find the positives, no matter how small, in each one -- That little hint of sun peeking through the otherwise gray, dank and seemingly endless, winter skies. -- PCA

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