Monday, May 11, 2009

For the Moment (New York City)

(The toughest part of traveling is having to hand your dog over to a friend for "babysitting" when you leave. Tina, one of my dogs, happily jumped into the car with friend and colleague, Kathy. But, Chance [pictured left) struggled and tried to follow me, when handing him over to trusted friend, Carrie. I couldn't make him understand, the separation is only temporary!)

I am leaving today for a short 5-day trip.

I very rarely travel or take "vacations."

Its hard making all the arrangements when one has a bunch of animals one is responsible for.

But, sometimes it is necessary.

Aside from the good news of the other day -- being able to work with someone to save two dogs and almost a dozen cats and despite one good dog adoption this past week, it was otherwise tough in view of sudden broken commitments, some rude and obnoxious phone calls and other anxious moments, particularly as regarding one adopted dog's sudden problems with "seizures." Whether this was a one time event or indicative of the dog having Epilepsy is yet to be medically determined.

Anyway, I knew it was time for a "getaway" with two quick phone calls yesterday:

A man called saying he wanted to adopt a dog.

"I've been looking for more than a year," he added.

"More than a year?" I gently inquired. "Well, considering all the dogs out there, Sir, is there some kind of problem?"

"No," the voice came back hard and cold. "I don't believe in rushing. And I don't like your judgmental attitude!"

The man then rudely hung up the phone.

Another man accused me of an "inquisition" when I dared ask him to tell me about his former dogs.

Yep, its time to get away for a few days.

There are times when one has had quite enough.

At least for the moment. -- PCA

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