Sunday, May 3, 2009

Life-Saving Waters of Rescue (New York City)

(Picture Left: "Laci" -- a lucky dog that there was water in the glass.)

When in animal rescue there is tendency to look at the glass as either, "half empty" or "half full."

Then there are those weeks when one looks at the glass and is simply grateful that there is water to drink.

This has been one of those weeks.

One strangely of some incredibly good luck and "miracles." But, one of sadness too, for all those animals rescue is always too full to take.

The good news started with one of our dogs (Leon) being adopted earlier in the week. That enabled Leon's foster person, Nicole to rescue and take in Bobo.

And oh, such a miracle of good timing it was!

I had just about given up all hope that anything could immediately be found for Bobo after she was cruelly and abruptly returned to the pound from another foster for fear "of getting attached to her."

I have to admit to that being the most bizarre reason ever (in my experience) for the return of either a dog or a cat.

Part of me even wondered at the time if Bobo had actually done something, (such as snap at one of the family members, pee all over the floor or lunge at a neighbor) and the people just didn't want to tell me?

But, such questions have since been dispelled since Bobo went to her second foster home.

After speaking a short while ago with Nicole, I am informed that Bobo is a "totally great dog!" Affectionate, totally trained and housebroken, wonderful with kids and other dogs.

Nicole in fact, refers to the "Heinze 57" Pit mix as "Sunny Bobo" as Bobo smiles all the time and is of such sunny disposition.

So, as bizarre at it sounds, a loving, totally trained and cheerful dog was actually dumped in a pound (to die) because the people were "afraid of getting attached!"

Score that one for the record books!

Score for the record books too, the sheer miracle of being able to rescue an older, plain, Pit mix (with Kennel Cough no less) within 24 hours!

The other good news this week was that we found a wonderful foster home for Laci, the Jindo dog from the Staten Island AC&C who was dumped along with a purebred Chow Chow (who has since gone to foster with one of our volunteers, Sarah).

I had begged Joanne from the Staten Island shelter for "more time" with Laci and she kindly obliged. But, with a fully packed shelter, Laci's time soon ran out and I received the inevitable call from Joanne on Thursday of this past week:

"She needs to get out of the building by tomorrow."

Fortunately, I had just received a foster offer for Bobo from a lovely-sounding woman from Poughkeepsie, New York. But, Bobo had just left with Nicole the day before.

"Let me call this woman from upstate and ask her to foster Laci," I said to Joanne.

And as a lucky roll of the dice would have it, "Anne" offered her family's home as a foster for Laci.

The shelter gratefully transported Laci to Anne's home and so far, the news is also good on the beautiful, 5-year-old Jindo. Laci is settling in well, gets along with the family's other two dogs and is seemingly enchanted with life in the country. (I doubt the dog has ever seen horses or raccoons in her life!)

Anne emailed me new pictures today of the happy, "smiling" Jimdo dog (above).

And so, yes, sometimes the glass is half empty and sometimes the glass is half full.

But, whatever the case may be, the main thing is to be appreciative and grateful that there is always something to drink.

The life-saving water of rescue is represented by those generous and sacrificing people like the Nicoles, Sarahs and Annes of the world kind enough to take an otherwise doomed dog (or cat) into their homes. -- PCA


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