Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Arrogance and Callousness of ASPCA

(Picture Left: "Oreo" --A dog who seemingly never knew a happy day in her life. "Rescued" only to suffer and ultimately be executed for the sins of her abuser.)

It is the ASPCA that developed the so-called "SAFER" (temperament) test that is now used to condemn hundreds of AC&C dogs a year, as well as it pacify's and numbs a naive public and media into believing that the only animals being killed in shelters are "old, sick or vicious."

The "SAFER" test as currently conducted at our city animal shelters attempts to "predict" a dog's behavior in a home according to the way the animal "reacts" to various stressors performed on him or her when newly arriving in the unnatural environment of an overcrowded, municipal shelter. These include pinching the dog's feet and sides, forced engagement in so-called "tag" game (which can frighten some dogs not familiar with the activity), shoving a plastic hand in the dog's face while the animal attempts to eat and a forced, unnatural encounter with another ("tester") dog.

One of the reasons cited by the ASPCA for yesterday's destruction of Oreo, (the young, horribly abused Pitbull thrown from a rooftop last January) was that she charged when the plastic hand was dangled in front of her face.

In a show of incredible arrogance and callousness, the ASPCA refused to allow Oreo, to go to Pets Alive (which offered to take Oreo and keep her for life if "unadoptable") -- or any of the other reputable and potential rescue opportunities.

If the ASPCA had some bone to pick with Pets Alive, one needs to ask if they attempted to contact Best Friends in Utah ("Dogtown") that ONLY takes medical or behavior cases from other shelters or even Cesar Millan?

The ASPCA's seeming lack of empathy for Oreo -- a dog who in her short life, never knew a happy day -- is also something to be seriously questioned.

Not only was this dog beaten and thrown off a roof by her former "owner," but then had to undergo painful surgeries, daily stress and long term confinement in a cage at the ASPCA.

Where was the concern for this dog's SUFFERING over most of her life? Did the ASPCA seriously expect Oreo to act like Lassie or to pass her SAFER tests with flying colors under these extremely adverse and unnatural circumstances?

Where was the ASPCA's appreciation and concern for all the thousands of dollars in donations that were sent for this dog's care and ultimate placement? Would hard working people generously donate to an organization that apparently decided to kill Oreo months ago? What was the point in putting Oreo through so much oppression and suffering only to kill her in the end?

Indeed, the ASPCA merely completed (slowly and torturously) the "job" that Henderson (Oreo's psychotic owner) started.

And while Henderson will most likely walk free after a ("community service?") slap on the wrist, it is his victim who is, instead, labeled, "aggressive," unworthy to be in society and ultimately executed.

Something is wrong in that picture.

The ASPCA needs to held accountable for this one.

It is not just the blood of Oreo on the ASPCA's hands, it is the blood of untold thousands.of animals -- Especially when once considers the ASPCA's abysmal record of killing when running Animal Control in New York City, as well as its development of so-called "SAFER" ("temperament") tests (now used to condemn thousands of dogs) and finally, its blatant lies in promising a "No Kill" New York City. --PCA



Crazy Runner said...

I hate the SAFER test. The first time I saw it, I knew what a crock it was and how dangerous it was. So many wonderful dogs have been killed because they reacted poorly to a fake hand constantly poking them while they're trying to eat. After reading this, I will never give another dime to the ASPCA.

It never ceases to amaze me to hear the insane expectations people put on animals. They're supposed to take horrific abuse and still be happy. They're supposed to instantly heal from a horrible life with no help or reassurance because heaven forbid a person has to take time and effort into training and helping their new pet. Animals have to be more saintly and patient than Mother Teresa to please many people.

Anonymous said...

While yes, it is very sad that Oreo led such a horrific life, I do not agree with this post. There are millions of dogs awaiting homes, many being euthanized just for lack of space. It is sad that Oreo was euthanized, but it was not the fault of the ASPCA, rather it was the fault of her owners from her past. A dog that shows aggression is just not considered adoptable. Putting time and resources into a dog that shows aggression and may not ever be considered an adoptable dog, could have been used on sound dogs who are adoptable. This is about the bigger picture. There are too many animals in the United States, many being unfairly euthanized just for reasons as lack of space. If a dog is deemed unadoptable, the most humane thing to do is put the dog to sleep, and give another dog a chance at life and being adopted. As far as your request for a sanctuary? Again, not to sound harsh, but we are wasting our resources, time, and energy that could be used on adoptable dogs (who are being unfairly euthanized). And not to mention, what kind of life is that for Oreo, to be locked in a pen surrounded by other stressed out dogs for the rest of her life? To me, that doesn't sound like a "good day" or a chance at quality life for Oreo. There are many dogs like Oreo that we feel sorry for because it wasn't their fault. There are reasons they aggress, and we don't blame them. However, depending on the severity, if the dog is going to exhibit aggression, the dog is not a safe/reliable dog to be placed, and therefore we should respectfully give another dog a chance.