Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Demons on Parade -- Election Day

Legends of the Fall: Falling leaves or a fallen political process?

Ah, Election Day at last! -- A day one always looks forward to!

Why am I so eager to see Election Day?

It is not because I am particularly enthused about any of the candidates.

I just want to see an end to the political junk filling up the mailbox, the robo calls and most of all, those ghastly "negative" political ads on TV!

One wonders where campaign ad people dig up the unflattering pictures of political foes? Pictures that would make a super model look like the devil incarnate.

I wonder if it requires a particular kind of talent to take ugly pictures of others? Is there special "Paparazzi" for that? "Hey, hire me! World renown Photographer. I can make Hally Berry look like Medusa or Brad Pitt look like Frankenstein!"

If I had any ambitions for political office, I would never pose for ANY pictures. Its frightening what a little photo shop or poor lighting or angle can do.

If one were to believe all the statements and claims of political commercials it would seem that all political candidates (well, except for the one being touted) are crooks, incompetents, law breakers, spendthrifts and perverts.

Then, magically, on Election night, these same fallen-from-grace demons suddenly transform into decent and upstanding political figures to be either congratulated in victory or wished well in defeat.

Is it any wonder that so many voters become cynical of the political process?

So much so that some people have resorted to write ins for Mickey Mouse or Weird Al.

I plan no write ins for today -- or show ups at the polling place.

I am ashamed to say that because I believe as an American citizen, we should treasure and exercise our right to vote.

But, the impacts of seemingly endless months of "negative ads" have rendered this particular voter with weariness and the perception (rightly or wrongly) that there is no one worth walking across the street and pulling down a lever for.

I plan to use the time instead to take my dogs to the park later and watch the November leaves fall.

Election Day has too sadly and seemingly become an image of demons on parade. -- PCA


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