Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fools Are Us (Animal Entertainment)

(Pictures --I am entertained by animals everyday. -- And I don't have to go far or pay a dime.)
"Didn't this whale have a history of violence towards humans?" was a question posed by Matt Lauer this morning to a representative from Sea World.

The real question should be: "Is a Killer Whale's place in nature to do tricks and 'perform' for human entertainment?"

It is of course tragic that a young woman "trainer" lost her life yesterday when something apparently went horribly wrong just before a planned show.

Perhaps the whale just woke up on the wrong side of the pool yesterday or had a migrane headache. Unfortunately, whales (and other "entertainment" animals) can't call in sick like humans can. Nor, can they stage "walk outs" or "quit their jobs."

One has to wonder just how much whales, elephants and tigers really enjoy bouncing balls or humans around or jumping through hoops? Is this a natural instinct and pleasure for them such as running after and catching a Frisbee is for many dogs?

One thinks not.

Killer whales, tigers and bears are not domesticated animals. They should not be expected or "trained" to do unnatural things simply for the value of money-making and human "entertainment."

What in God's name is wrong with us (humans) that we cannot understand or "get" this very basic concept?

Why is everyone so "shocked" when something like this goes horribly wrong, whether the animal be a charging elephant, raging tiger or "violent killer whale?"

Animals are indeed entertaining -- when simply observed in their natural settings.

I am entertained by animals every day of my life! Whether my own personal (domesticated) dogs and cats or those wild animals I observe in Central Park.

Moreover, I don't need to pay money or go to a "show" for this.

This all goes back to probably my biggest gripe regarding human interactions with other animals -- including domesticated dogs and cats. It seems we are always expecting, demanding and "training" and "molding" animals for things they are not.

Why the hell can't we simply observe, appreciate and respect animals for WHO and WHAT they are, as well as their place in nature?

As for those domesticated pets who we bring into our homes, why can't we understand that any relationship (whether with people or animals) takes time and trust to develop and grow?

You can't force a relationship with a human, cat, dog or any other animal any more than you can force grass to grow faster.

I wish I could say I am "shocked" with the tragic incident that occurred yesterday.

In fact, I am only shocked that it doesn't happen more often.

If people want to be "entertained" by wild animals, then let them take their binoculars and cameras into their local parks or back yards and learn something about the wild animals they actually live alongside. -- The animals who are part of their natural landscape.

Let the whales stay in the oceans and the tigers, chimps and elephants in Asia or Africa.

There are professional photographers and researches who can teach us about these creatures in nature.

The animals should not have to flip balls or jump through hoops for us to "learn" about or be "entertained" by them.

On the contrary, we learn NOTHING by watching animals forced to do things they would never do in a natural state. If anything, many people are falsely led to believe that one can bring a wild animal home and expect it to behave like a domesticated pussy cat or puppy dog. -- One of the reasons for the huge (illegal) trades in "exotic" animals in this country and elsewhere.

And then we act "shocked" when the chimp, tiger or whale suddenly reverts back to some natural state and "attacks" a human.

Duh,,,,,,fools are us. -- PCA


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