Friday, February 12, 2010

Murphy's Law, Ad Infitum

The "Murphy's Law" saga continues as I am now without phone and Internet services for 6 straight days with no guaranteed ending in sight.

I feel just like the female version of Jack Lemon from the, "Out of Towners."

Oh yes, the Super did finally unlock the basement door (where the main phone box is) on Tuesday, but Telephone Repair never showed up.

More calls to the (non) repair service (on my friend's cell phone) resulted in further frustration:

"When are they coming to fix this?"

"Well, Ma'am you are on the log anytime from now (Tuesday) until the 11th (Thursday)."

"That is unacceptable!! I can't be a prisoner in my apartment for three straight days!"

"You're not a prisoner."

"What would you call it when one can't go anywhere for 3 days? I have to be home in order to give access. How can a problem be fixed if no one is here?"

I was getting nowhere with the human robot on the phone. I demanded to speak to a supervisor.

"What is going on here?" I demanded to know.

"Inclement weather" I was told. "They have a heavy work load."

"Are you joking? The weather's been beautiful in New York City! Not a drop of snow or rain. But, we are supposed to get a foot of snow tomorrow!"

"You are on the log for Thursday, sometime between 8 in the morning and 7 at night."

Oh my God! I thought. They are using "inclement weather" as excuse when the sun has been shining in New York City and not a cloud in the sky. What will they say after a REAL snow storm due on Wednesday?

"Sorry. All our repair people have frozen to death."

Another go-nowhere, frustrating conversation with so-called "repair" services. The only thing productive about speaking with the "Supervisor" was that I then knew there was NO hope that the problem would be fixed anytime before Thursday (barring of course, the repair people all dying from a little cold and snow.)

But, still there is one more complication:

When showing up Monday morning, (when the basement door was locked) the Verizon phone guy checked the phone lines in my apartment.

Although the main problem seems to be with the central phone box and wires in the basement of the building, Verizon phone chump, for some strange reason decided to pull out one of my phone connecters. Only he was unable to unscrew it from the wall and instead, cut all the wires.

So now, whatever phone repair person eventually shows up will have the additional job of putting in a new phone connecter and repairing the cut wires.

I can just hear him saying now, "I don't have the equipment for that." -- PCA


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