Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An Armageddon for our Coastal Wild and Marine Life

(Picture left: A heron lays dying due to oil spillage in the Gulf. Photo credit: Nora Leah.)

The picture of the heron slowly dying due to the oil disaster in the gulf is disturbing enough if the human-created calamity only affected one animal. But, one has to realize the picture will be multiplied millions of times over before the final damage is done.

The (totally preventable) oil spillage represents an Armageddon for our coastal wildlife and marine life.

No matter what other projects or challenges we may be working on or that might divert our attentions, it is imperative to take the time to contact our national representatives to demand immediate remedies.

This needs, for the time being, to take priority over everything else.

Incentives to the oil companies for off-shore drilling need to be removed from the Energy bill.

The EPA needs to be given full range of enforcement to the Clean Air Act.

Cynical and corrupt politicians assume (tragically, correctly) that most people care far more about cheap gas than they do the health of our planet and the survival of species, but we need to show in loud voice that such is not true of all (or, hopefully, even most) Americans.

Either our government takes immediate and substantial measures to stop the current spillage and PREVENT future disasters of this type or the politicians can all look for other jobs come election day.

Its past time for Americans to become politically active and actually show that we CARE what is being allowed to occur in our country under the guise of "cheap gas" (or "cheap meat").

Destroying the planet, other species, and eventually ourselves, should not be the ultimate "price" of cheap and in many cases, unnecessary goods (especially in the case of meat.) -- PCA


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