Monday, May 10, 2010

Quality Over Quantity (Updates)

(Pictures: Leslie, the depressed and shut-down Chow and Benji, the equally sad and timid Cocker Spaniel. In one week, these dogs' lives have suddenly been transformed and turned around. No "stampedes" to adopt, but quality instead. And in the end, it is quality that counts.)
In recent entries I have bemoaned how some animals will generate dozens of adoption inquiries, most of which are either time-wasting or downright frustrating.

But, sometimes you have an animal that only generates one adoption inquiry -- but it is a quality inquiry.

That is what occurred last week when our loving, (but sad and timid) Cocker Spaniel, Benji inspired one adoption call.

But, it is an adoption call that turned into the actual adoption.

Suddenly, this lost little Cocker Spaniel who was unceremoniously dumped from a home after almost nine years is transformed into a happy and very wanted, cherished dog frolicking around the green grasses of Huntington, Long Island. Benji has another (8-year-old) Cocker Spaniel as a buddy, a beautiful home and yard and a human caregiver who totally adores him. Already, Benji has appointments for grooming and a teeth cleaning.

The days of neglect and "having no time" for Benji are thankfully, long gone.

Another dog who has truly lucked out over the past week or so, is Leslie, the totally shut down and depressed Chow rescued from AC&C almost ten days ago.

Leslie went to my friend, Marcia in Pennsylvania.

As expected, the first few days were a bit scary.

Leslie barely moved and didn't eat anything.

Chows have a sometimes tendency to "shut down" when dumped from homes after many years and sadly, Leslie was no exception.

Marcia tried all kinds of food and treats and even taking Leslie to her vet. At one point, Marcia was even afraid Leslie might not make it.

But, it seems it was one of her other rescued Chows, "Dena" who helped to bring Leslie out of her depression.

Marcia described how Dena walked up to Leslie one night, lied down next to her and in some kind of silent doggie language seemed to communicate to the new Chow, that things were going to be OK now. Leslie was welcomed in this new place. She did not need to think about -- or grieve for the old.

The next day, Leslie wagged her tail for the first time, began to walk around and started to eat. She was finally ready to leave her old life behind and embrace the new (and obviously better) one that awaited her.

And so yes, the past week, though frustrating in many ways ultimately, turned out to be a strong positive -- at least for two dogs, cruelly tossed out and though not inspiring a stampede of potential adopters, lucked out when it truly counted.

Give us quality over quantity any day! ;)


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