Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fiddling (and Singing) While the Gulf Burns

It is very difficult not to feel shocked, confused and despaired right now with our country's lackadaisical and anemic response to the oil crisis in the Gulf. -- A crisis that could ultimately result in the entire region becoming a "Dead Zone" for all wild and marine life.

There seems a deafening silence from the Animal Protection Community, the Environmental Community, the "bleeding heart" Hollywood sect, most of our nation's politicians and sadly, most of the public.

Indeed, the main people seemingly (and only?) upset about this national catastrophe are the shrimpers and fishermen in Louisiana who are worried over losing their livelihoods. -- Oh, and those involved in tourist industries who worry over the loss of business should the beaches all along the Gulf Coast degenerate into toxic, oil-leaden wastelands.

Well, "oil-leaden and toxic wasteland" is what the entire Gulf is likely to become unless a massive mobilization is immediately undertaken to try and clean up the mess and prevent the oil from reaching sensitive marshes, wetlands and beaches from Louisiana to Mississippi to Florida. Already oil is approaching Mississippi and Florida. It is now speculated that oil could continue spewing out millions of gallons of toxic brew through December. The "powers that be" are apparently powerless to actually plug the hole anytime soon.

What would a "massive mobilization" entail?

Well, something similar to what was organized to go into New Orleans after Katrina and Haiti after the earthquake. Money could be raised to pay for the relief efforts just as it was for the natural disasters: Telethons, concerts, public appeals, emails and texts.

The apparent "strategy" of simply waiting and wishing for BP to "plug up the hole" is no strategy at all.

Nor, is sending a few hundred workers with Bounty towels to wipe oil off grass any kind of "strategy."

It is so obvious that BP is NOT going to clean up the mess. They can't even plug the hole!

So where does that leave our nation's leaders in all this?

Well, today Obama made a commencement speech in Pennsylvania. Tonight, Paul McCartney is scheduled to "entertain" the President and his wife at the White House and receive some special award.

We are, (as a nation) essentially, singing and fiddling while the Gulf burns. -- PCA



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