Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"You're Doing a Heck of a Job, BP!"

I realize that President Obama didn't go to the gulf coast and make the, "You're doing a heck of a job, BP!" comment.

However, he might as well have.

The photo op last week of Obama picking up oil chips from a gulf beach while bused-in workers pretended to clean up the toxic debris (and immediately left when the President did) is an insult to the American public and an utter joke to the so-called, "free press."

As much as one hates to say this, our President looked like a total buffoon. . Mouthing off the latest spin from BP and apparently not even knowing at the time that the most recent effort to stop the oil spil ("Top Kill") had already been halted (and deemed a "failure") while Obama was expressing hope that it would succeed!

The Deep Horizon oil disaster IS Obama's Katrina.

In fact, when one considers the long range economic and ecological impacts and destruction of this catastrophe (40 million gallons of oil and toxic chemicals poisoning waters, marshes, wildlife and marine life for generations to come), it makes Hurricane Katrina look like a tea party.

Where is the sense of outrage from the public, our President and the press?

Where are the Hollywood celebrities and New York "activists" making trips to the affected areas?

Where are the Telethons to raise money for a cleanup that would require years and many billions of dollars?

Where are the major Animal Protection organizations?

There seems dead silence from all the aforementioned with the exception of the grandson of Jacque Cousteau who actually made a trip to film some of the affected areas.

Anyone who thinks that an oil company whose main mission is to drill, baby, drill is going to somehow solve the mess it has created might has well be saying, "kill, baby kill."

That's like expecting foxes to nurture chickens.

It is of course wrong to blame the current President for all the horror that is going down.

Much of it lies with former administrations, especially the Bush/Cheney White House.

But, Obama was supposed to represent "change" from all the misguided policies of the past.

Certainly, Obama ran with great fire in the belly to win the nomination and the election for President of the United States.

But, that same "fire in the belly" is very hard to detect now.

In fact, it seems totally missing.

Shortly after the disaster occurred, Obama made a trip to help fund-raise for Barbara Boxer in California.

Apparently, the administration "assumed" BP would take care of everything.

Now, more than a month into the catastrophe and after taking some heat from media pundits, Obama is finally making some attempt to express "enragement" and distance himself from the honchos at BP who have so far, done little beyond lie and spin.

Then again what should the administration have EXPECTED from BP??

Its like Barbara Walters asking Scott Peterson or OJ Simpson, "Did you kill your wife?"

Do reporters asking these questions of murderers EVER expect a truthful reply?

Well, you don't ask BP either if they can fix and clean up the oil spill because you are not EVER going to get a truthful answer.

For, even if BP wanted to clean up the mess, the fact is, it can't now.

We will need ALL the resources available through whatever means -- scientific, environmental, military, animal protection, industry and yes, even celebrity and activism (to raise money) just to try and contain and clean up some of the toxic feast.

Instead of these politicians (and that includes Obama) worrying about how to raise millions for their next campaign runs, they need to be thinking of how to raise the BILLIONS its going to require to help address this truly NATIONAL DISASTER of epic proportion.

The time for "spin and photo Ops" is long past.

The American people need to demand real change and RESULTS.

"Change" is after all, what Obama ran on.

But, "more of the same" is what we're getting.

"More of the same" will not work for future generations -- or even the survival of the planet. -- PCA


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