Sunday, November 7, 2010

Call Them American Geese

So called, "Canada" geese in this country are more likely the American kind -- those born and raised here.

It seems some decades ago, wildlife biologists captured and captively bred a bunch of Canada geese as the birds were teetering on the brink of extinction due to over-hunting and destruction of habitat.

The descendents were then released throughout America, mostly along the North East Coast. The goal of this was mostly to provide one more species of bird for hunters to shoot at.

However, since the native geese were born here, there was no instinct to "migrate" somewhere else. They have become good, solid, honest and prolific American citizens over the past few decades.

The geese fertilize our grasses, provide entertainment for kids, and pose for pretty pictures for photographers. The geese also attract other birds by providing a sense of safety and security. The (very much now) American geese are extremely loyal, dutiful, vigilant, wary, smart and protective. But, they are also quite social, gregarious and adaptable.

What spells "American" more than these qualities?

In fact, those honks you here are really the geese singing the Star Spangled Banner.

I say we should grant them American citizenship and for God's sake, change their name!


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