Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Important Happenings

Very important article from today's, Brooklyn Paper.
Among other important facts this investigative piece dug up from Freedom of Information requests is that the almost 1700 geese rounded up and gassed last year around New York City were transported to Kennedy Airport where the killings occurred.

That would seem to be a clear violation of American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines which state that "euthanasia" of animals has to be "quick and humane."

According to reports to USDA, geese who are gassed "can take anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour to die."

There is nothing "quick and humane" about the transportation of the geese nor the gassings of them.

Tomorrow, there is a very important community meeting to address "management" of goose population at Prospect Park. Please go to our FB page for details on this:

Meanwhile, to remind us of what we are all fighting for. Assurances that scenes like this one won't be relegated to the past.

Finally, that the barbarity and destruction that occurred to almost 1700 innocent birds last summer will never happen to the geese at Central Park nor quite frankly the geese anywhere else around our great city.

One truly hesitates to call any city "great" that would allow such horrors to take place. -- PCA


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