Friday, July 15, 2011

Killing the Geese who Lay the Golden Eggs

(Photo:  The family of geese at the lake last night.  Yes, they are moving around more these days and preparing to soon fly.  Several of them flapping wings.. Soon....soon.)
We just discovered yesterday that the cost of the USDA goose roundups around NYC is costing the taxpayers, $91,000.   That is up from $45,000 last year:    (Please type "USDA" in search box to bring up report.)
 While all kinds of other services are being "cut" and there are raging budget debates in Washington, DC, the taxpayers are still being soaked to the tune of almost $100,000 to kill geese from local parks.  It seems the one entity that is practically doubling profits during these otherwise tough economic times, is the USDA.
And yet, the USDA is quite literally killing the geese who lay the golden eggs for them!
They don't seem to show much gratitude, appreciation or even common sense.
It seems more to the USDA's long term financial benefit to advocate for the "humane management" of the geese as opposed to wide scale exterminations.
Goose exterminations could eventually wipe out this guaranteed "cash cow" for the  
USDA -- or should we say more accurately, "cash goose?"
Will we then be notified of government workers for the USDA suddenly be thrust on unemployment lines when the supplies of geese to round up and kill runs out?
When that happens, they will get no tears from me.
 The other night, when reading through some of the comments following the Madison, Wisconsin roundup and killing of 200 geese last week, one comment particularly stood out and needs to be shared here.
It is from someone calling himself (or herself) "Madravenspeak" and is absolutely brilliant and insightful in accurately summing up this entire issue.  (Notice particularly, how even when safe refuge was offered for 500 geese in Madison, the city and the feds still elected to kill the birds):
 From Madravenspeak:  "The DNR goose kill in 2010 in Wisconsin was 62,348. Those geese were just as beautiful and innocent and relatively few compared to the human population as the geese rounded up and killed at the Madison parks. 8,397 ...of them were killed in blinds 100 yards apart encircling Horicon Marsh, a national wildlife "refuge" treasure:​/wildlife/hunt/waterfow/re​port.pdf

Killers have dominated the DNR and the mentality of those indoctrinated by a hundred years of the media making killing "normal" and "fun" by the anachronistic "outdoors" pages of the newspapers. There has been only killing advocacy and no regular media that questioned the killing mantra of the DNR. Media is not supposed to be in bed with government - it is supposed to be a watchdog.

The USDA, of course, is in the slaughterhouse business. It is what they know and specialize in. Instead of teaching reverence for all life and the interconnectedness of our lives with the web of life, our media teaches murder and killing for fun. It glorifies it. Sanitizes it. Excuses it.

I live 50 miles north of Madison along the little Neenah Creek and a mile from the Big Slough. Both are ideal goose and duck habitat. Both are bereft of geese and ducks. Why? Because the DNR army of favored elite "hunters" line up and kill our migratory birds coming into and going out of former wildlife refuges, and all over the state they kill.

My neighbor, a 79 year old American Indian, who lives on the Big Slough, offered to take 500 geese from Madison parks along the Big Slough. We offered it last fall at the "hearings" and I emailed and called Soglin's office June 23rd to say we had volunteers to help get the geese and goslings up here. They would NEVER want to go back to Madison. Did they try this sensible alternative and make every effort to honor the beautiful wild brethren that grace our lives. Hell - no - I had a reply from Soglin 5 days after the geese were slaughtered. "So sorry - maybe kinder methods next time."
 Unlikely. Not as long as the Park Commission and USDA and DNR are killing businesses for human utilitarian philosophy. Humans who are destroying our planet, our oceans, our whales, finning sharks, trophy head-hunting, trapping, and confining billions of animals for slaughter - and causing a faster mass extinction than the dinosaur one.
This is the supreme species made in the image of God? God must be some mess. Or very regretting that he grabbed up a bunch of clay and messed with it there at the end."

Read more:​/news/local/grassroots/art​icle_c56793fc-aca4-11e0-9f​2b-001cc4c03286.html?mode=​comments#ixzz1S3TM914C
 Killing the geese that lay the golden eggs, indeed.  -- PCA

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