Friday, July 1, 2011

More Goose Roundup Photos and NBC News Coverage

Writing this very fast this morning....
More photos from Jim Pfeil.   There are actually hundreds for us to go through and post.  Big job that could take weeks.   I actually started a special Flickr page just for goose roundup photos. We are only seeing tip of iceberg now:
Yesterday's rally for the geese was fantastic.  More than 100 people showed up in front of the Mayor's Townhouse to speak up for and defend our precious geese.
NBC News also showed up and the young, up and coming reporter, Chris Glorioso did a wonderful job in covering the story professionally and fairly.  Please share this link with others and please take the time to comment and thank this kind and thorough reporter (a rarity these days!):
We of course urge anyone living near a public park that has geese, to please keep special  watch on them for the next two weeks.  If possible visit parks in early mornings and bring your camera.   It goes without saying that if you witness a roundup of the geese, please contact us immediately:  
Sad to say, but this struggle is only beginning.   -- PCA

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charlie said...

I found this in researching what rounding up and gassing geese really looks like. I'm hoping to find a brief video of the entire process to show people. The majority...with a minority horrified...of our HOA board want to have USDA come for the geese in our lake. Those for it laugh when anyone voices concerns.