Monday, September 19, 2011

One Step Lower to Hell

Just when you think we cannot plunge any lower in our treatment and relentless slaughter of Canada geese, we somehow manage to descend still one level lower to hell.
This article came out over the weekend describing a planned USDA roundup of 100 geese at Tuckerton Park in New Jersey prior to an upcoming "Gun and Decoy" show:
One might wonder how the USDA is going to round up 100 geese during a period the geese can fly?
While USDA spokesperson, Carol Bannerman is careful to say correctly that the USDA does not "poison" geese, that "baited corn" is not being fed to the geese out of the kindness and generosity of USDA hearts.
One has to suspect some type of sedation or tranquilizer being laced into the baited feed (which USDA freely admits to using in their "Goose Removal Documents.").   Otherwise, it would be nearly impossible to "net" a large group of geese.   (Indeed, it is almost impossible to capture even one injured goose if the bird is capable of flying as numerous articles of failed rescues of injured geese or those with arrows have reported over the years.) 
However, the USDA is more than capable of rounding up large numbers of geese even during those times geese can fly.  -- Better killing through chemistry, one supposes.
Unfortunately, the reporter of the piece never bothered to ask apparently, the most basic questions such as, "How does USDA capture 100 geese who can fly?" or "What happens to the geese after they are captured and removed?"
Once again, the USDA simply gets away with the euphemism that the geese will be "euthanized," -- never saying what the "euthanasia" actually is.
But, even the CEO of McDonalds would not describe slaughter as "euthanasia" and stuffing geese into gas chambers where the animals struggle up to an hour before dying could never be referred to as "euthanasia" by anyone with even a shred of honesty, integrity or thought capacity.
Nevertheless, almost without exception, journalists and reporters continually fail to ask or follow-up on key questions.
And so the euphemisms, obfuscations, white-washes and rationalizations for goose massacres continue unabated and unchallenged.
It is not clear from the article exactly when the intended roundup and slaughter of 100 geese is supposed to occur (other than before the gun show on the 24th of this month).  
USDA does not usually announce specific dates of roundups and/or specific locations for fear protesters might actually show up.   For all we know and suspect, the Tuckerton roundup and killings already occurred this past weekend, although there are no follow-up or new articles about it.
With dim hope that the goose massacre did not yet occur at Tuckerton Park, it is requested that people go to the article page and post a comment.  
We must keep in mind that New Jersey is right next door to New York City.
And if the USDA can round up geese in a NJ park when the geese are flying, then it is a short trip over the GW bridge to do the same in New York City.
Those of us naive enough to believe that USDA roundups only occur in the summer when geese are molting and incapable of flight, obviously have much to learn from this article.
The fact is, that no goose is "safe" in any public park any time of year. -- PCA

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