Friday, September 9, 2011

Quick Takes....

Quick takes today on a number of matters:
I saw some geese today!
Unfortunately, they were on TV.
The news footage showed a flooded community in Bimmington, New York.
But, despite the seriousness of the story and the obvious hardships to people, I found myself smiling.
There, swimming peacefully among flooded cars and other remnants of destruction was a gaggle of geese!   (To me, a symbol of hope.)
The geese looked so cute seemingly enjoying themselves in their new "lake."
Just another thing to admire and love about the geese.
Whatever the disaster or hardship, they always find way to adapt and go with the flow.
While sweet to finally see geese (if only on TV), news articles about Canada geese continue to be negative.   Today, there is this Patch piece out of Connecticut:
If not disturbing enough to realize Connecticut is allowing each hunter to shoot up to fifteen geese per day during the "early hunting season," the author of the article claims that, "even ardent animal lovers want the geese eradicated for fouling up ball fields and lawns." (Emphasis supplied.)
What "ardent animal lovers" is the writer referring to?
Certainly, no one who even respects animals in the slightest would "want" any bird "eradicated" for simply doing what birds do.
I left a comment and posted some photos to this piece and hope others do as well.
Perhaps media and governmental agencies assume even "ardent animal lovers want the geese eradicated" because they rarely, if ever hear from defenders and lovers of the geese. 
They seem to surmise (and even worse, report) that we don't even exist.
I saw Brad (the flightless, domestic duck) again last night at Harlem Meer.  Still no geese at the Meer, but Brad tags along with the mallards these days.  But, since losing his mate, Angelina earlier in the summer, Brad no longer "talks."     I remember how chatty he and Angelina used to be, clucking away to each other almost all the time.  Now, Brad hardly ever "talks" at all. 
Apparently, domestic ducks and mallards do not speak the same language.
TV news filled with remembrances of 9-11 today and warning about possible new terror attacks in NYC or Washington.  I am not sure why they think we want to remember trauma. And I am not sure why we are told to, "go about our business, but be vigilant." 
Indeed, the only measure of stability, sanity and hope on the news today was the family of geese. 
And they were swimming in water created from a flood.    -- PCA

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