Wednesday, June 19, 2013

NYC Goose Bloodbaths Begin -- Carnage in Inwood Park

It is only the 19th of June, but USDA "Wildlife (Extermination) Services" goose slaughters have already begun in New York City -- even before all geese are fully molting.

At 7:30 this morning,  folks visited Inwood Park in New York City only to discover USDA trucks pulling out and all but one goose gone. (The location only had about a dozen geese.) The story has just been reported in the Daily News:

A flock of 7 geese just flew into the Central Park (Jackie Onassis) Reservoir a couple of days ago. At the time I thought it a bit strange that geese were still moving around at a time they would normally be settled down for the molt.  But, one now has to suspect these geese escaped a WS roundup somewhere else because they could still fly.  (The one goose who escaped roundup today at Inwood Park was probably still capable of some flight, but did not want to leave flock mates.) 

The early starting dates of WS goose roundups in New York City suggests an all out carnage planned for this summer.

But, of course the people of New York City are not informed about these roundups in advance.   As mentioned in earlier blog entries, we only find out about them after the fact -- if indeed we learn of them at all. 

The citizens of New York City are apparently not entitled to "Community Notification" as are citizens elsewhere.

I called Central Park Conservancy and my City Councilperson this morning demanding to know if a goose roundup and slaughter is planned for Central Park?  

I received a return call from Frank LaCastro, (a high official with Central Park Conservancy) a few minutes ago, assuring me that, "No geese will be rounded up from Central Park."

It is hoped that such assurance can be taken literally -- although knowing the secrecy that most USDA goose roundups occur, one can never be sure about anything.  Quite often, park officials don't always know about the roundups until a day or two before they actually are conducted. 

It seems that despite any reassurances given, we the people, still need to be on our toes in terms of monitoring our parks for the next month and keeping accurate counts on our (now) flightless and totally defenseless and vulnerable geese.

(For more on this, please go to: (27) GooseWatch NYC)

If USDA shows up, it is usually around the crack of dawn and they usually have park rangers and law enforcement with them.

They don't like their photos taken or any kind of public or media scrutiny.

Breaking late word is that a small handful of geese were also rounded up this morning from 59th Street and the West Side (at Hudson River.)   No number of geese is apparently too low for a WS roundup.

The clandestine goose bloodbaths have officially begun in New York City and no geese from city parks (or wildlife sanctuary) can now be considered fully "safe" and protected.

The citizens are kept in the dark as the geese (and their babies) are silently trucked away with the rising sun, to their unceremonious and brutal deaths. -- PCA

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