Saturday, June 29, 2013

"You Play a Pair of Dice and Put Up a Parking Lot" (Geese in a Geese Museum?)

Park or Museum?  -- What will the future be?
 "Don't it always go to show,  that you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone? You play a pair of dice and put up a parking lot."

People in many parts of the country (especially, Gaston Park, North Carolina) might be recalling words from a 1970 Joni Mitchell song these days:  

You go to a park where a few days before there were geese, only to find clumps of scattered feathers. And then you ask, "What happened?"

144 Canada geese were secretly rounded up by USDA WS, trucked away and gassed is what happened in this small, southern community.  But, it sure is not a sleepy community.

On the contrary, it turns out many of the residents are unhappy about the clandestine carnage. For days they have been posting angry comments on social media and newspaper sites.  So much in fact, that one newspaper was prompted to write this Editorial today:

While the headline alludes to citizen passion on behalf of the gassed geese, the body of the piece derides and ridicules the people for that. -- Better they should direct their "passions" to more worthy causes is the not-so-subtle conclusion and actual bottom line.

But, what is most intriguing are some of the highly intelligent and profound responses by the people in this same community. (Granted some are from this incensed New Yorker.) 

The people of Gaston, NC are not taking this wildlife assault lying down and they are no one's fools --including Editorial
Boards and USDA WS.  

Perhaps the people don't want to see a day when other lines of an old song come back to haunt in the real world of modern day reality:

"You clip all the trees and put 'em in a tree museum.  And then you charge the people a dollar and a half just to see them."

Will there in fact come a day when we have to pay to see geese, ducks and the other birds of our parks in a bird museum?

That day doesn't, unfortunately, seem so far off.

But, the actual verdict hasn't come in yet as the jury (as represented by the citizens of this great country) is still out. -- PCA


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