Friday, July 5, 2013

Atrocity Explained By Absurdity

Preparing for flight. -- Geese at the Central Park Boat Lake this morning. Wing flight feathers quickly filling in.
"Papa" the lead gander of the group looking over his charges and figuring out courses over next few weeks, some of which will involve flight.
All Central Park geese accounted for and safe this morning.

The Boat Lake geese are suddenly looking good with missing flight feathers coming in. 

While none are actually flying yet (like the one goose at the Reservoir) it seems they could be ready for flight in perhaps a week or so.   The geese are constantly preening, bathing  and flapping wings as if in excited preparation for flight.

Knowledge of geese soon gaining flight brings us to a ghastly realization concerning the geese ruthlessly ripped from Jamaica Bay Wildlife "Refuge" earlier in the week:

We learn today that 262 geese were sent to their deaths from the place wrongly calling themselves a "sanctuary" for wildlife (far lower than the inflated "500 geese" wrongly reported in the press).

We also learn from (27) GooseWatch NYC that most of these 262 geese arrived to JBWR in June as there were only a "few dozen" reported geese at the "refuge" in May. 

That leaves zero doubt that most of these hapless geese sought out and determined JBWR to be a safe place for the molt and would have LEFT ON THEIR OWN ACCORD in less than two weeks -- when getting their flight feathers.

Not only was the roundup and torture of these geese before slaughter (or gassing) exceedingly cruel and barbaric, but it was also an inexcusable squandering of tax money. 

The fact is, most of the 262 geese would have been at JBWR less than six weeks out of the entire year.

In response to hundreds of angry comments on their Facebook page (110) Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge  acknowledged the "cull" and posted this lame explanation on Wednesday:

"Yes there has been a goose cull today at Gateway NRA conducted by Wildlife Service of US Dept of Agriculture with a park biologist to direct and observe.

Geese have repeatedly been cited as a hazard to the flying public at JFK Airport, w
hich borders on Jamaica Bay. Canada geese are currently overabundant native species which damages salt marsh areas that Gateway (along with other Agencies) are restoring.

Gateway NRA protects the entire habitat of Jamaica Bay. Over 325 species of birds alone fly through here, with more species of mammals, marine life and plant life, on land and off shore. An overabundance of native species upsets the balance of this habitat, destroys resources such as salt marshes and fundamentally alters the balance of the area. Geese rip out the roots of grass plants that anchor the salt marsh islands. At marsh restoration sites throughout the bay geese have picked clean new plantings, and cause significant damage.

For more information consider following this link

JBWR conveniently blames flightless geese staying there only six weeks of the year for a variety of problems including destruction of salt marshes and then directs visitors to a USDA WS link. -- The same agency making a cash killing (literally) of the geese.

In addition to the appearance of being heartless sadists (i.e. laughing during the roundup and terrorizing of the geese), the people running this "sanctuary" and their "rangers" also appear to be intellectually challenged with little or no apparent knowledge of the geese on their "refuge."  

They offered up their temporary, molting geese to a Kill for Cash program that was on every level wrong and wasteful.

JBWR can keep making different excuses for the carnage,  but they are merely throwing  crap at the wall hoping something will stick. So far, nothing is with any thinking person.  -- Just the madness and folly of their lies and the inhumanity of their character.

The great philosopher, Voltaire once said.  "Those who make you believe absurdities will make you commit atrocities."

Atrocity occurred at Jamaica Bay Wildlife "Refuge" this week.  And the forces in power attempted to explain it away with absurdity.

Shame on them and shame on us.  -- PCA


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