Thursday, July 25, 2013

Decision Made -- Cago Joins Goose Family and Leaves Four Bewildered Ducks

Cago -- a goose of decision.
Cochise, Carol,Connie and Conner. The four domestics now asking, "Where did that damn goose go?"
 Decision Made.

As expected, Cago (the loner Canada goose) has apparently decided to try and integrate himself into the new goose gaggle at Harlem Meer in Central Park.

Last night, the four domestic ducks were by themselves in the small protected area near the Dana Center.  All the mallards and geese there a few nights before had taken to water or skies.

There were about a dozen geese in the middle of the lake, and it is presumed Cago was among them.

Yes, the going will be rough for Cago these next few weeks as he carefully navigates his position around and into the new goose flock without being too presumptuous.  But, it is ultimately the best decision for him. Hopefully and presumably, the new goose family accepts him.

As for Cochise, Carol, Connie and Conner (the four domestic ducks) they seemed pleased that the other waterfowl had left -- if not a bit confused with the sudden quiet.   

"Hell, where did everyone go?  Sure it was a nuisance having a bunch of geese and ducks on our turf, but it seems a bit eerie now. We surely thought that solo goose would stay!  Ah, so much for loyalty!"

It was not possible to explain to the haughty ducks that ultimately, a goose is a goose and must eventually seek out his own kind. 

Still, it was nice that the four domestics held out the welcome mat for Cago these past few weeks while the orphaned or widowed goose went through the molt -- even if it was primarily in their own self interest to do so.

Hopefully, Cago was the appreciative gentleman and said, "Thank you for your hospitality" to the four quackers before heading out to join and take whatever knocks in store from the new goose flock. 

After all, geese and ducks never know when they might need each other again.  -- PCA


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