Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Goslings

They look like little swans
Weaving close and far from their parents
on the water
They are at awkward age now
Not sure that they are to be
ducks, swans or geese
They just for the moment
So, they look around
And are curious
to the others of their kind
"Mommy, Daddy, can we go to see
And meet?"
"Not now, little ones
There is time enough for that."
"What is time?"
"You'll know when it happens."
"For the moment, little ones, pick and swallow
the blades of grass
For their brilliance is short
in the days of lengthy sun.
When chill postpones the dawn
And ice covers the water
You will know then, the meaning of time
And without even asking
Your brethren meet."
The goslings lower their heads
And like dutiful little soldiers
But, like frenzied, slient paintbrush
Time will reveal and work itself
To alter all above
and beneath
And change fuzzy little forms
Into the beauty and wonder
that are geese. -- PCA