Thursday, June 25, 2015

Travails of the Geese (In Memory of Inwood Hills Park Canada Geese)

In memoriam.

The below is in memory of the Inwood Hills Park Canada geese who on, 6-24-15 were unceremoniously captured and slaughtered at the hands of USDA Wildlife Services.

Travails of the Geese
The killers arrive at dawn
turning into hideous lie
promise of the rising,
spilling sun.
An uneasy, disrupted peace
settles around the geese.
Despite seeming perfection
of glorious, summer day
Something is amiss.
With the mechanical ease
that comes with experience,
the killers unload their wares.
Tools of the trade, bought and paid for
by buyers unaware
Exercise in power
for fact it can be done!
Corral and load the geese
It won't take long for victory won!
Humans are, after all, 
masters in uncaring.
Frightened now,
the geese gather and bind themselves together
"Something is wrong, something is wrong!"
And though prepared to face anything of nature
or weather
They are suddenly trapped
And tethered by flightless feather
That are now useless
to escape their tormenters.
Boats on water
Rushing paddles
No escape, no exit
Other than headlong
Into the arms of their executioners. 
Jam, cram, thank you, M' am.
The deed done
The geese packed
Into crates so tightly bound
that the only sound
Is the pounding
of their hemorrhaging hearts.
Terrified now,
a few peer out their heads
through slats unyielding
Realizing the error of their ways
to fate inexorably sealing
All motionless forms now
Paralyzed in the fear and dread
of realized helplessness
From which there is now
neither escape nor healing.
Yet in the distance, the mournful, gut-tearing cries!
Of human.
"No, no!  So sorry, babies! So sorry.
How failed to you am I!"
Another who is helpless
and powerless to change fare
But, somehow in this long and tortured journey
to the bowels of hell itself
There is small comfort
In knowing someone cared.
From such joyful, optimistic sense 
will rise again the ashes
of these battered, tattered, twisted bodies
To be whole and light again
and into the loving hands
of God.    -- PCA