Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Environmental Waste and Destruction

(Picture Left: "Sheba" (at time of rescue). German Shepherd puppy who was on Euth list of the shelter at only 9 months of age. Rescued by us earlier this year and successfully adopted out.)

Fellow animal rescuer and foster, Carrie speculated this morning that Joe Biden's purchase of a puppy (from what we know now is a puppy mill) is a way of the new administration "testing the waters" of public reaction before Barack Obama buys a puppy.

I think Carrie is dead on in this suspicion.

After all, there were no prior media reports of Joe Biden's intent to get a new dog (he already has animals). However, the Obama's intentions to get a dog have been widely publicized and even mentioned in Obama's victory speech on election night.

This is why there needs to be wide public outrage to this mysterious decision on Biden's part.

It would be bad enough were Joe Biden just some "average Joe" who nobody knows.

But, the fact he will be the new Vice President and that millions of Americans voted for the Obama/Biden ticket is a message to the entire country that even though there are many thousands of dogs available to the public any day of the year via rescue groups and shelters, apparently something is "wrong" with all those dogs as none are good enough for the Vice President and following that "logic," the President.

This ghastly misconception is already a problem and has been for many decades -- which is exactly WHY puppy mills have flourished, while millions of loving, healthy and adoptable pets are put to death in shelters every year.


Everyday we in rescue are looking at lists and pictures of beautiful dogs and cats to go down in our shelters. Everyday, we are swamped with "Alerts" on shelters animals, pleas to take animals and sad, bemoaning emails about "Max to Die Today or Susie to Die Today."

Meanwhile, one of our nation's top leaders goes to a puppy mill to purchase a German Shepherd dog.

How many German Shepherd Dogs (or mixes) will die in shelters around the country today?

Can Ken Jennings (famous Jeopardy winner) answer that question?

The fact is, nobody can.

But, Joe Biden and Barack Obama (unlike people getting off a boat from a Third World country) are fully aware of the horrors of puppy mills and consequences of overbreeding in this country.

They both have opportunities to "send a message" far and wide that adoption is the only way to go if one is seeking to acquire a dog or cat.

But, at least one of these men has chosen instead to support further exploitation and overbreeding of animals and as consequence to that overbreeding, the so-called "necessary" killing of animals in shelters because there are "no homes" for these animals to go to.

Not only is this decision to support a puppy mill detrimental and ultimately destructive to animals, but it is also a slap in the face to all those caring about "conservation" and the environment.

How is the cremation of so many thousands of bodies every day or dumps of dead cats and dogs in landfills "good for our planet?"

Our politicians talk about "wastes of energy" and electricity?


The buying of animals from breeders and pet shops needs to be stigmatized as the buying of animal skins (fur) has been stigmatized for the last two decades.

Animals are not ours to skin or throw away and kill en masse.

The sooner we learn these basic facts of life the better off the planet, animals and humans will ultimately be.

But, apparently our nation's new leaders have yet to get that message.

Its up to us to deliver it to them, loud and clear. -- PCA