Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kennel (Puppy Mill) where Biden bought puppy is cited (News)

Kennel where Biden bought puppy is cited
Monday, December 15, 2008, 9:44 PM
By Amy Worden, Philadelphia Inquirer, Commonwealth Confidential

The state Department of Agriculture has issued citations to the owner of the Chester County kennel where Vice President-elect Joe Biden recently bought a puppy.

In a kennel inspection report posted online Monday night Linda Brown, owner of Wolf Den kennel, was cited for violating the dog law for failing to provide records for dogs purchased or sold and failing to produce complete rabies vaccination records for her adult dogs.

Rabies vaccinations are required for all dogs over three months of age.

Dog wardens also found a strong ammonia smell inside the house where a number of dogs are housed, and broken wires and piping in several outdoor kennel areas. As a result they issued warnings for maintenance and sanitation and will conduct a follow up inspection in the near future, the report said.

Brown could face fines of up to $500 for each citation. It was the kennel's first negative inspection report in five years.

Brown, of Spring City, who also operates as Jolindy's German Shepherds, holds a commercial kennel license that allows her to keep more than 250 dogs. She had 84 dogs on the property when the inspection took place on Dec. 10.
Biden bought the six-week-old male German Shepherd puppy from the kennel earlier this month.

Five warnings, two citations issued four days after Biden paid her a visit on December 6 to buy his puppy! Remarks from the actual PA kennel inspection report are below.
610-495-7247 (Business)

Inspection of kennel took place on December 10, 2008. A total of 85 dogs were located on the premises at the time of inspection. Kennel owner was unable to produce the Bureau's 2008 kennel license for verification, however, Warden Orlando Aguirre verified said license through Bureau's database. Inspection was performed with Kathy Andrews.
The inspection of Wednesday, December 10, 2008 is as follows:
21.21(a) - Maintenance
There were several broken wires in the outside kennel area. Also, outside fencing near entrance of kennel had broken piping. In the house there was a medium-sized hole approximately 14" x 6".
*Warning Issued
21.26 – Ventilation
There was a significant smell of ammonia present within the kennel that was not present at the prior inspection. Warden Andrews attributes the increase of ammonia to the house's windows and doors being closed during the winter months.
*Warning Issued
21.29(b) – Sanitation
There was an accumulation of dog hair/dog food underneath the piping in primary enclosures within the house.
*Warning Issued
21.29(c) – Housekeeping/pests
Several open bags as well as numerous cobwebs were noted throughout the barn where dogs were housed.
*Warning Issued
21.41(a) – Records Kept
Kennel owner did not possess all records for dogs sold/boarded/adopted/ transferred/returned to owner during the 2008 calendar year. Numerous records possessed by kennel owner failed to contain the complete name and address of where dogs went.
Kennel owner must keep all records for dogs sold/boarded/adopted/ transferred/returned to owner during the 2008 calendar year. Kennel owners must go through her records and complete name and address portions of said records thereby indentifying where and to whom dogs went.
*Citation to follow
21.42 – Bill of Sale
Bills of sale were not available for this warden's review.
*Warning Issued
455.8 – Rabies Vaccination
Rabies vaccination records were not available for review upon this warden's inspection. Despite anindication by kennel owner that all dogs on the premises that were 3 months and older were vaccination for rabies, kennel owner was unable to produce all records on the date of this inspection. Kennel owner was advised she had 48 hours to produce said records.
*Citation to follow
Recheck to be done. As of the filing of this inspection report, kennel owner had not produced all records for rabies.
Citation Issued on 12/10/2008 by Warden Orlando Aguirre


As a sidenote, a recent visitor to these kennels described:
"When I was there she had dogs living outside in igloos and a large side building wrapped in blue plastic... the barking was deafening.... her inspection report states approximately 100 breeding dogs... she sold more than 275 dogs in was a stupid move on Biden's part... a puppy mill, for sure. "