Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Forwarded Mail:
Have you heard the bad news that Vice President-elect Joe Biden bought a dog from a breeder rather than adopting one from a shelter? UGH times a gazillion! However, since he is not picking up the dog for a month, we have a chance to change his mind.

President-elect Obama is featured in a book, A Rare Breed of Love, with Baby, an abused 3-legged survivor of the dog breeding industry. Here, Barack pledges his support to stop the cruelty of the dog breeding world and to promote the adoption of the 4-5 million shelter dogs who are euthanized each year. With the Biden's purchase, rather than an adoption, the dog breeding industry will only be emboldened to continue to fuel the pet overpopulation epidemic. It will also perpetuate the horrific cruelty at puppy mills by increasing the demand for the kind of dog the Bidens bought.

In case you've heard that the American Kennel Club (AKC) approves of the breeder the Biden's chose, please know that the AKC are the bad guys. They are “the front” for the puppy mill industry as well as all breeders who breed irresponsibly. The AKC's spin that they only endorse "humane breeders" is a patent lie. Moreover, "humane breeder" is a contradiction in terms given that millions of loving, adoptable dogs are dragged to the gas chambers every day precisely because breeders continue to flood the market with new puppies, just like the one the Bidens bought.


Please e-mail Vice President-elect Biden at http://change.gov/page/s/yourvision to firmly, yet politely ask him to cancel his purchase and adopt from a shelter instead. Feel free to include some or all of the following talking points:

1) By buying a dog from a breeder, VP-elect Biden is supporting cruel puppy mills. The puppy shown to them may look cute, but the unseen victims are all the mother dogs who are forced to live their entire lives in tiny cages without exercise, socialization, proper vet care, and of course, ever being part of a family.

2) Let VP-elect Biden know it costs taxpayers $2 billion a year to round up, shelter, and euthanize 4-5 million homeless dogs. By adopting, he will set a national example that would be a win-win for homeless dogs and Americans who are looking to put more money in their pockets.

3) In A Rare Breed of Love, President-elect Obama pledges his support to protect the millions of innocent animals who are brutalized 24 hours a day by the puppy mill industry by helping to shut them down and promote adoption. Why isn't VP-elect Biden upholding this pledge?

4) Since the buying habits of our leaders and celebrities are, sadly, imitated by millions, remind VP-elect Biden that he has a golden opportunity to set a humane example. All he has to do is cancel his purchase and have a big ol’ press conference at a shelter!

As always, thank you for speaking up for those who can’t,


Better than emailing, it is more important to CALL Biden's Washington office:

(202) 224-5042

Obama and Biden are role models for millions of people in this country who voted for this ticket with the belief that these men cared about the downtrodden and exploited.

The buying of dogs from breeders sends a ghastly message that rescued and shelter animals are not good enough for our nation's so-called, "elite." But, more important, it is a message of blatent hypocrisy.

Joe Biden "rides the train to work" everyday -- but buys his animals from breeders. Obama and Biden pretended to care about injustice and important social issues, but at least to this point, Biden's action betray that claim.

Millions of adoptable animals are killed in shelters every year simply because they have NO HOME TO GO TO.

Why couldn't Biden offer a home to one of these condemned animals? The puppy pictured on the news yesterday, appears to be a German Shepherd. Following Pitbulls and Rottweilers, German Shepherds and Shepherd mixes are among the most common dogs to go down in shelters.

We might expect such ignorant and uncaring action to come from Sarah Palin, but not Joe Biden.

The action is disgraceful to the platform and claims of the Democratic party. It smacks of pure pretense, elitism and hypocrisy.

Oprah Wimprey recently did a show exposing the horrors of overbreeding in this country and the deaths of millions of animals in shelters. She begged her viewers to ADOPT animals from shelters, rather than buy.

Oprah passionately supported Barack Obama.

The purchasing of a dog from a breeder completely undermines all that we are trying to accomplish in animal shelters and rescue.

Unless we who care about animals act quicky and strongly on this in terms of speaking out and calling the Senator's office, we can expect Barack Obama to do the same as Biden -- buy a puppy from a breeder.

That is extremely bad news for animals across the board. More will die in shelters. And more will be continue to be abused via the breeding industry.