Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Dumb Blondes" -- Both, Canine and Human

(Picture Left -- Chance -- marking territory and Tina, forever, "checking out.")

Early yesterday morning, I took my two worthless dogs to Central Park and this time, they truly earned the title of "worthless!"

It was "off leash" hours. I made the mistake of letting both Tina and Chance off leash and at one point, the "perfect storm" seemed to occur.

There were many people and dogs in the park. Chance (my Pomeranian) was running ahead of me and apparently lost me. He then took off in one direction "looking" for me.

Meanwhile, my scatterbrained, Cogie mix, Tina took off in the opposite direction.

Okay. Picture this:

Dumb blonde standing in the middle of the path that goes around the Great Lawn calling to two ( dumb blonde) dogs, both running in opposite directions (sort of like one watching a tennis match.)

A couple of people tried to help.

"Which way did your dog go?"

"Well, one went this way and the other one went that way."

The people shook their heads and carried on. Who wants to get involved with nut jobs (or dumb blondes, both canine and human) before 9AM on a Saturday morning?

Yelling at the top of my lungs, I was able to finally call Chance back to me.

But, by then I had lost sight of Tina!

I took Puppy Boy (Chance's alternate, pet name) running to where I had last seen Tina.....heading towards the little deck by Turtle pond.

I was hoping a couple of ducks might keep her interest.

But, when we got to the deck, Tina was nowhere to be seen!

Oh, God, what an awful feeling!

A crowded park....many dogs off leash, many small winding paths leading away from the Great Lawn. And my crazy 13-year-old dog nowhere to be found!

Trying not to panic, I rushed with Chance trotting by my side around the main path calling and looking for any signs of Tina. I asked passers-by if they saw a "Corgie Mix" but with so many dogs off leash, no one had noticed Tina.

This went on for more than 20 minutes with all kinds of horrible images invading my brain.

Tina getting out of the park and running into an oncoming bus. Tina panicking and having a heart attack. (Of course Tina has never "panicked" at anything, but in that situation one doesn't think rationally.) Tina ending back in the pound.

Chance was struggling to keep up with me as we had already been in the park almost two hours. He was obviously tired, but we had to keep going.......

And then, finally in the far distance, I could make out Tina casually sauntering around the Delacourt outdoor theatre. She did not appear the least bit "panicked."

I ran, screaming out her name.

But, only when getting within 40 yards or so, did Tina finally look up and catch my eye.

"Oh, its you.....OK....whatever."

"TINA!!!!! COME!!!" "NOW!"

But, alas, Tina was in no hurry.

Nope. She just continued to sniff the ground and curiously check out her new surroundings. She casually greeted a couple of people.

I wanted to kill her!!!

Poor Puppy Boy was out of breath and panting heavily by the time we finally reached Tina.

I clipped her leash on and said.

"Well, gal, I hope you enjoyed that little adventure. Because its the last time you are ever going off leash again!"

It was after 9AM by the time I finally made it home with the two "worthless" dogs.

I felt as though I had just ran a marathon.

The stress of thinking I had lost my dog and all the horrible possibilities that might have ensued -- along of course, with all the running and yelling left me feeling as though I'd been run over by a truck.

But, Tina was no worse for the wear.

In fact, I had to practically drag her into my apartment building!

She was all set for a new adventure!

Well, not anytime soon. -- PCA

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