Thursday, July 23, 2009

Welcome to the Wild, Wild West of New York City! (Reply)

(Picture Left: Yani. 6-year-old "Throwaway Mama Pitbull" arriving at city pound after being shot in the leg. Can a bullet ironically be the thing to save Yani from the usual fate for Pitbulls? -- Unlikely, but possible)

In a message dated 7/21/2009 6:05:32 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, Ulysses writes:
The man is a fool. Finding a dog like June in a municipal shelter is like winning the lottery. She is too good for him and deserves a better home. It shouldn't be hard to find someone to love a cutie like her.

REPLY: I imagine another rescue took June. As you point out, dogs like June are a rarity in municipal shelters. Most rescues scramble to seek them out. The only reason I jumped on June's case, was I thought I had a great potential home for her. It would have been nice for her to go directly into a home following immediate medical treatment, as opposed to sitting in a cage at a vet, boarding facility or shelter. But, I guess June wasn't "perfect" enough due to the cruel treatment of her former human owner.

I love the way people tend to hold the animals responsible for the rotten actions and behavior of our own species.

Speaking of rotten -- or, more accurately, criminal human behavior, the shelter sent out a whole bunch of "Alerts" yesterday.

One of them is for "Yani," a 6-year-old Pitbull who arrived at the shelter as a "stray" after being shot in the front leg.

Welcome to the Wild, Wild West of New York City!

But, its unlikely the rescues will be scrambling to rescue this "Throwaway Mama" Pitbull.

Yani is just one of hundreds of Pitties that routinely come into this shelter on a weekly basis.

"Use, abuse and lose" seems to be the human attitude displayed towards these people-loving dogs.

"Breed 'em, breed 'em, breed 'em." Or, "Fight em, fight em, fight em."

But, in some cases, the people shoot the Pitties, too.

Like Yani.

But, this is something no one likes to talk about.

Below is the write up that just went out on Yani.

The shelter is at least making an effort for her.

But, with all the healthy and loving Pitbulls going down everyday without rescue being able to take or place them, this particular "Alert" is more like a Hail Mary pass.

Will a bullet ironically be the thing that actually saves Yani from the usual fate for Pitbulls?

Who knows?

I just know that as we are scrambling to save two healthy Pitbulls from the shelter right now and still have three in boarding, it is not an option for us to call on her.

But, at least to share her "story" here (emphasis supplied):

Yani # 821203
6 yr old female
Weight: 39lbs

Was brought into facility with wound/gun shot to right paw, was not tranquilized;
Alert,responsive and hydrated
Right paw injured due to gun shot wound, bleeding profusely and swollen ,possibly broken.
Was given:5cc of Buprenorphine
Wound was cleaned and bandage by Dvm
All nipples are very enlarged

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amby111 said...

I hope Yani finds her way out of the shelter. As Patty alluded to, I bet the Yorkie is already with a rescue group. Personally, I don't place anymore value on the life of a purebred Yorkie than a "throwaway" like Yani, and it is distressing that people get so worked up over one little dog (not that she doesn't deserve rescue), when so many other nameless, faceless animals die without any acknowledgement whatsoever. Imagine a world where humans valued all animals--cats, dogs, purebred or not--such that finding ANY loving animal in a municipal shelter would be like "winning the lottery."