Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Michael Vick and the Scourge of Dog Fighting (New York City)

Reported yesterday (7-27) is that Michael Vick has been reinstated to the NFL.

The head of the NFL, Roger Goodell talked about the "high standards" of the NFL.

What "standards?"

In welcoming back Vick, the NFL demonstrates it has NO standards at all.

Michael Vick is a man who, with full knowledge and INTENT willfully broke local and federal laws, abused and brutally killed multiple dogs.

More than 30 "fighting" Pitbulls were confiscated from Vick's property. Numerous dead dogs were dug up, including at least one who was beaten to death and others killed by gun shot or hanging.

Vick was convicted of multiple counts of animal cruelty.

The slap on the wrist for these violent crimes as represented by less than two years in jail and now "reinstatement" to the NFL where Vick can again make millions of dollars if signed by one of the teams is a spit in the face to both the laws supposedly governing this country as well as all values and ethics of human decency.

Any NFL football team callous and ignorant enough to sign Michael Vick needs to be boycotted and letters should be sent to the President of the NFL, Roger Goodell asking exactly what "high standards" he refers to when talking of the NFL on one hand while announcing the league "reinstating" a convicted and violent criminal on the other.

What next for the "high standard" NFL? Reinstatement of convicted rapists or even murderers? Why not put out a "Welcome" mat for OJ Simpson?

What most people don't realize is that the scourge of dog fighting has permeated almost all areas of the country and results each year in the confiscation, impoundment, "holding" (for legal purposes) and (usually) eventual euthanasia of thousands of pitbulls. Moreover, this overproduction of a particular breed of dog for purely abusive purposes costs taxpayers millions of dollars annually -- not only for those dogs actually abused and confiscated in the fight rings, but ALSO for the excess (non-fighting) offspring usually cast off into the communities.

More than 80% for example, of all dogs entering New York City shelters are either purebred Pitbulls or Pitbull mixes.

As long as dog fighting continues to flourish in our country, unabated, there is not ONE city, town or community that can hope to ever become "no kill" of shelter animals while ignoring what appears to be the main source for most shelter dogs.

Obviously, the term, "high standards" means NOTHING to the NFL, other than empty, totally meaningless words.

What a pity for the kids growing up in this country and looking up to so-called, "sports heros" as role models.

-- PCA

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