Monday, August 16, 2010

The Goose who would Become Duck?

"Binky" -- Alone again, naturally.

Well, apparently once the show was over at the Delacourt Theatre, Binky's family took flight once again.

Binky was alone yesterday at Turtle Pond -- well, except for the company of the ducks.

It is not clear whether Binky's family will be making regular visits to Turtle Pond either to check in with their disabled child or just to catch the shows at the theatre.

But, in any case, Binky seems to be "adjusting" or at least as well as one could hope for a young Canada gosling who is unable to fly or know the steady protection of his family.

Binky seems to sense he is vulnerable. When the family is not around he is careful to keep a safe distance from people and other activities of the park. He mostly stays swimming on the pond with the ducks or takes a rest on the protective rock that lies directly surrounded by water.

Though Binky is only three months old, it is amazing how smart these birds actually are. They have incredible survival instincts.

Binky might actually be quite capable of surviving at least through part of the winter. The problem is that Turtle Pond always freezes over once the temperatures drop below freezing and that would certainly spell big trouble for any waterfowl that is unable to seek out refuge in unfrozen waters (usually at the Reservoir that is not too far away). Turtle Pond is completely devoid of waterfowl in the dead of winter. Even the ducks take leave. Binky would not be able to survive that.

But, once again at least for the moment, there does not seem need for panic for Binky. He and the ducks seem to enjoy a peaceful co-existence, though it is obviously not the same has having family there.

Binky could well be the goose who eventually becomes "duck" so to speak. He is more or less taking up the lifestyle of the ducks and following their leads.

I should probably be more concerned about the rest of Binky's family who have already lost one gosling soon after taking flight.

I don't know where mom, dad and the four surviving goslings go when they "take off" and if they fly anywhere near an airport they will soon all be dead geese.

And should they fly over rural areas of the state?

The "expanded hunting season" will begin next month.

The irony of this whole saga could be that the disabled gosling with the "Angel's Wings" might actually be the safest and most protected goose of all.

No hunting, fishing or gassing at Turtle Pond. And Binky's got the wisdom, company and wileness of the mallards to help get him through.

He is the Canada goose who might become duck. -- PCA


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