Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hopeful News on Binky, The Central Park "Angel's Wings" Gosling

(Binky, holding his own on Turtle Pond last night. Brave little fellow -- or girl!)

There is some, what I hope to be very good news on Binky, the gosling with Angel's Wings at Central Park.

I spoke with a Park Ranger earlier from Belvedere Castle who assured me that they do now have a sanctuary lined up for Binky, but wanted him to stay as long with the family as possible. Now that the parent geese and four remaining goslings have left Turtle Pond arrangements will soon be made to rescue Binky, take him to Animal General and then presumably to the sanctuary that apparently already has a number of similar birds who are unable to fly. The ranger told me that Binky's wings will most likely be clipped, so they don't continue to drag and cause discomfort.

I went to see Binky yesterday morning and last night.

He was not quite so distressed as the first day and night he was alone. While Binky still swims around the pond calling out for his family, the honks are fewer and shorter. He seems to be holding his own with the sometimes overly assertive mallards and he is eating.

I think it is good that Binky spends most of his time in the water as he could be vulnerable to free roaming dogs during off leash hours. Fortunately, Turtle Pond has nice protected grass areas that are closed off to the public and dogs and the ranger told me she saw Binky on one of them this afternoon eating safely.

Many people are looking out for and are concerned with Binky. This too, is good news.

In fact, I think when Binky's rescue is accomplished, this could make a real nice media story as so much of the news on Canada geese lately has had do with their killings and gassings throughout the state and many of our city parks. Binky could well be the only "feel good" story we have. But, of course that is up to Central Park officials to decide whether they want to pursue press on this or not. I just think it would be a neat idea and I think the press would jump on it. It would also comfort all those people like myself who have followed Binky and are concerned for him.

As far as the rest of the goose family, it seems they have sought another area to continue rearing their young. The park ranger was aware that one of the goslings disappeared over the past couple of weeks, but told me that the Geese Police had not been scheduled to chase the geese from Turtle Pond.

Its of course hard to know what happened to the missing gosling. Perhaps when training the goslings for flight, something went horribly wrong. My understanding is that the process of learning to fly can be treacherous for many young birds.

Meanwhile, the parent geese did their part to try and prepare Binky to be on his own. Those short trips away and back to Turtle Pond last week seemed to confirm that. They just didn't totally desert Binky.

But, it does seem that the family is not returning now.

And though very hard on Binky that first night alone without the family, it seems that matters are not quite so distressing now.

He is slowly acclimating and yes, many of us are looking out for him. ;) -- PCA

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