Sunday, August 8, 2010

We've Only Just Begun

(Two of the three missing goslings have returned to Turtle Pond. But, sad news for the one who didn't return)

There is good news and bad news regarding the family of Canada Geese at Turtle Pond.

The good news is that two of the missing teenage goslings have returned to the family.

The bad news is that one gosling is still missing and after more than a week now is presumed dead.

This chain of events seems to affirm the assertion that when flying in a group, if one goose falls, two others will follow and stay with the fallen goose until he either recovers or dies. The remaining geese will then either catch up to the original group or join a new one.

In this case, the two surviving geese returned to the family.

Meanwhile, a new mama mallard with four tiny ducklings has joined Marina and her adolescent ducklings on the rock at night where the geese sleep.

Three families of birds on one rock.

Isn't it amazing how the mama ducks seem to take comfort in having the geese family so near? Obviously, that is for the protection that the parent geese offer, even if not intentional to the mallards.

I say, "amazing" because of the false way Canada geese have been portrayed by those who malign them and seek their destruction. No, Canada geese don't "push out" other birds. Quite the contrary, other birds, particularly mallards, seek them out.

There are two major protests this coming week in defense of Canada geese.

The first one is this Monday, (August 9th) from 6:PM to 8:PM at Mayor Bloomberg's mansion, 17 East 79th Street. It is being organized by Friends of Animals and we need a great turnout. Media coverage is expected.

The second protest is this coming Thursday (August 12th) at Noon. This one will be at City Hall and is being organized by In Defense of Animals. Heavy media coverage is expected at that rally as well.

It is good to see the major organizations getting together in a common and worthy cause.

We now have more than 520 members on the For the Love of the Geese In Prospect Park Facebook page. Facebook For the love of the geese in Prospect Park This is in fact where I spend most of my online time these days.

I urge everyone reading this blog to go to that FB page for the latest news articles, dialogues, photos and videos. And of course to attend both rallies if at all possible.

We have only just begun. -- PCA

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