Monday, February 14, 2011

Freedom of the Geese

"'Cause I need freedom now
And I need to know how
to live my life
as its meant to be."  -- Mumford & Sons -- The Cave
Freedom of the Geese
You say they fly into planes
and cause them to crash
But, in a contest between wings and steel
Who has the power to trash
Skies so high and clouds so fleet
designed by God to guide
the majesty of the geese?
You say they are too many
Their numbers beyond what we accept
But, what is to be tolerated
by us who make the rules?
Only those who we can shoot?
Who deemed us
the givers, the takers and the manipulators of life
for little beyond our own purported highs
And who granted to us
Unending lease
to the targeting of the geese?
You say they eat our grass
And taint our waters
But, what were waterfowl designed for
If not the lakes, the earth and the fauna?
How did our planet survive for eons
The arrivals of the geese?
You ask, what do they matter?
In a world where billions
are slaughtered for food, clothes, science, sport or whim?
What does it matter
the embodiments of perfect and cooperative freedom?
Who are we to ravage and destroy for others
What we so fight for and envy for ourselves?
Who are we to deny and cause to cease
the perfect freedom of the geese?   -- PCA

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