Friday, February 18, 2011

"Hands Around the Lake"

It is sad when we look at animals only from the utilitarian point of what the animals can do for us (in terms of ego, prestige or the multitude of ways we abuse and kill them) as opposed to what we can do for them as stewards of the planet.
JFK made that point well when talking about country.
Unfortunately, its a point we have seemingly gotten very far away from.
Why can't we just learn to appreciate and respect animals for their own sake and in their own right? Why can't we leave the geese in peace even when their presence does not immediately benefit us either materially or in terms of use or ego?
Its hard to understand the seeming hatred and constant bashing against those creatures who are not directly under our control or who do not live by our dictates and demands. 
That of course is true of the independent, freedom loving, proud, protective and regal geese.
On March 26th, there will be a special "Hands Around the Lake" event to be held at Prospect Park. 
The focus of the event is to stand up and be counted for the wildlife in our parks.  Though a serious and solemn event to address issues like animal mutilations in the park, birds caught in fishing lines, environmental damage from BBQ coals and most importantly, the planned gassings and harassment of the geese, it is nevertheless, not a protest or demonstration, per se.   
On the contrary, its vision is positive in the sense of bringing all of us together who care about protecting the wildlife in our parks.  Its to say that we are not giving up the dream of a day when we can live peacefully with geese and other wildlife and act like the stewards of this planet that we were designed to be.
For more information on this event or to help in organizing, please go to our special FB page in defense of the geese: 
For the geese to have any hope of avoiding this year's planned harassments and gassings, we will need an extremely strong turnout.  -- PCA

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