Monday, February 28, 2011

The King and Queen's Speeches

It wasn't just my Disney-like imagination proclaiming that love and spring were in the air the other night.
Yesterday, Brad and Angelina announced it to the world!
Really funny, going to the Meer yesterday in the late afternoon. 
Brad and Angelina were out of the water and proudly prancing around in the small park embankment near the Dana Center like human shoppers in a mall.
Angelina was busily inspecting brushes and bushes near the lake to see what survived the winter. Brad was right behind her like a frustrated husband waiting for his wife to make up her mind on what to inspect, claim and buy.
When walking around the little park circle with heads held high, the two rulers of the Meer proclaimed their dominance to all the other ducks and geese in the area.   Angelina was particularly loud and vocal in her speech:
"See here, you wretched mallards and geese!  It was Brad and me who kept this place going while you were on your jaunts!   WE kept this lake from freezing entirely over!  WE maintained this little pool oasis while you mallards fled the blizzard and storms.  WE braved the freezing temperatures, ice and winds while you lazy geese were sunning down in Virginia!"
Brad, who was right alongside Angelina, joined in the proclamation:
"That's right!  My lady and I worked our BUTTS off literally to keep this lake open and hospitable for you guys when everything else froze over!   You'd better understand and respect now, that we run this place and determine what goes on here.   We are the king and queen!"
For their part, the mallards and geese hanging out with BrAdgelina yesterday gave no lip or posturing.  They know the deal at Harlem Meer.   The geese may be bigger and stronger than Brad and Angelina. They may bicker and peck amongst each other or even at some of the mallards on occasion.  But,  I have never seen a goose take either Brad or Angelina on.  They know better.  
The other birds know that if they are welcomed at Harlem Meer, it is only due to the charity and generosity of BrAdgelina.  These two flightless ducks rule.
Of course, in all their speeches of superiority at the Meer yesterday, BrAdgelina never mentioned Joey, the white Pekin duck who was also instrumental in preventing the lake from entirely freezing over.  Joey lived with and worked with these two ducks over the winter in a kind of uneasy, but necessary truce and alliance.
But, since Joey had to be rescued more than a month ago (after sustaining a dog bite) and has since gone to a wonderful adoptive home, he is simply out of the picture as far as Brad and Angelina are concerned. 
It was these two domestic ducks from the beginning and it is BrAdgelina now.   Its almost as if poor Joey never existed.
Joey is a lucky duck to get out when he did. I am not so sure Brad would welcome or accept Joey hanging out with him and his lady now.
Walking around the Meer yesterday and noticing some of the ice starting to fall away from the edges of the lake, I was struck by just how thick and hard the ice actually is.  Its at least 5 or 6 inches thick most places.  It will probably require at least another month or possibly even longer for the lake to entirely "defrost" and become liquid once again -- even with warmer temperatures.
It was in fact, nothing short of a miracle that Brad, Angelina and Joey were able to maintain that tiny pool of open water near the Dana Center to survive.  But, it required almost 24/7 attention and work.  These birds deserve a lot of credit for their sheer will and determination to survive.  
Since the sun hadn't set yet, there were still groups of geese scattered around the Meer.  A few were on the grass, but most had divided up into what I presumed to be families of 5 to 7 geese on the ice.   Soon, some families will likely break up as the parent geese seek to breed again and/or some of the young ones seek their own mates.   
It is all truly a fascinating study. 
Not so fascinating were the Oscars last night.  In fact, I fell asleep before the Best Picture award was given out.  (They should show reruns of Oscar shows for insomniacs. It seems like guaranteed and drugless cure.)
I learned "The King's Speech" won most of the awards.  The only film I saw of the five nominations was "The Social Network" and I was rooting for that one, unfairly or not.  It was a riveting film and fascinating character portrayal.  Jaime Eisenberg did a fantastic job in capturing the brilliant, but manic energy of the eccentric and somewhat shady Facebook founder. 
Nevertheless, the Oscar show and most of the "speeches" (ironically enough) were incredibly boring
In fact, I don't recall a memorable speech since Sally Fields, "You like me!  You really, really LIKE me!" some 30 years ago.
They should make a rule to do away with all the redundant and falsely humbling "thank you's."    Only one thank you allowed and then descriptions of how all the winners clawed their way to the top -- sort of like BrAdgelina.  --  It would be more honest.
In fact, those "speeches" yesterday from the King and Queen of Harlem Meer were far more fascinating than any given at a Hollywood gala.
They at least keep one awake and interested. ;)  -- PCA

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